Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I Can't believe it's not comedy rocks.....but XENOPHILIA rocks even more, because they have 3 SAMMIES, and ICBINC has nothing, so when is Sacto. going to have a gosh dang comedy award festival? You know right now I'm eating some of those Lay's 'fat free' chips, but now I'm questioning how fat free they are because they left grease marks on my napkin. Last night the lovely and talented Becca and I went to Capital Garage for a punk show, we had fun and were moshing ya know, and got some teeth knocked out, yeah kinda crazy. Were both really excited for LA, we wanna go to Venice beach and roller skate...how Three's Company would that be!? See you tomorrow Keith!
I hope we don't get snowed in in LA like I did in Denver. Tee hee!

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