Thursday, June 12, 2003

A cop? Does this mean you get to bust out the ol' fake moustache? Hey, KLJ. Where is your moustache story anyway? You should put a link to it here so your fans can read about your fake facial hair history.
I was saying to you how I missed ICBINC yesterday and you said rehearsals will be starting soon. Of course, I don't go to rehearsals, so I'll still miss you guys. But then I thought - "What if I rehearsed my merch girl job at your rehearsals?" I could set up a table with T-shirts and CD's in the corner of the rehearsal space. I could practice counting out change. I'd keep yelling, "Hey Ben! Hey Miles! Come over here and pretend to buy something from me!" If anybody left the room, I'd demand to see a ticket stub before they could enter again. I'd tap your shoulders in the middle of your lines and say, "Would you like to be on our mailing list?" I'd make coffee and dump it out and make it again. Practice makes perfect! :)

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