Monday, August 11, 2003

Wow! Los Angeles! Xeno and I left for home a day later than everyone else, so I am just now getting to blog here. This trip was much more relaxing than our last one. Everybody spent more time by the pool, at the beach, napping, eating at the 101 (our favorite cafe) over and over. As the vegans in our traveling group, Keith and I kept spontaneously high-fiving while looking at the menu. No huevos rancheros! Even more exciting, for the first time all summer, I actually have tan lines!
Friday's show was one of the funniest I've ever seen. Everybody's timing was great and the belly dancers were so sexy - well, the women anyway. (Miles doesn't have as much of a belly.) And the M Bar was gorgeous... heavy velvet drapes, mirrors and low red light. Ambience that would not be ignored. Pretty swank for this troupe. The audience loved it and the bartending staff even broke into applause during the first Barry skit! (I guess they'd forgiven Bryna for smashing those wine glasses by then...)
Saturday Xeno, Amber and I went out to Venice Beach for a little roller skating and people watching and sweet and sour cashews at Mao's. Then we headed out to the Pomona Arts Colony. The streets were filled with punk rock kids waiting for a Virus show down the street. I am happy to report that Hot Topic is doing a brisk business in Pomona.
Next week, it's back to San Francisco and the Marsh Theatre! Look at us big-city kids!

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