Friday, September 26, 2003

What's even funnier about Keith being on the front page of Bob Moricz's web site holding an ax is that he looks just like a samurai! Something about the hair...
Yeah, it was fun sleeping on the floor with all of you for one night, but I was glad to have the ol' Econolodge king-sized sleeper for my second night in town. I'm nearly 29 - too old for the uncomfortable parts of punk rock living.
Congrats on the notable urination Sid, KLJ, Miles, Amber and Ben "Come On!" Miller. Leapin' Jesus!
I am so excited about the local shows at the horse cow and especially excited I'll be sleeping in my own bed afterwards...
And oh yeah - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY ANNE!!!!!! (tomorrow) Come wish her love at Xeno's flash mob on Saturday at noon on the west steps of the Capitol. (see

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