Monday, October 27, 2003

I will not be in Jonathan Morken's next film, but I did have the honor of standing in as a reader during the casting call at the Crest this weekend. Not only did I get to shout the phrase "you pencil-dicked mother fucker" about 85 times; I also had about as many Sacramento actors tell me my "pussy wasn't gold." One of these actors was our own Ben Miller, who I don't think was very thrilled to have to say such a thing to me. He sucked it up and insulted my anatomy like a pro, though! Nothing but professional actors here at I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy, folks. We wish Morken the best of luck on his new film, which ought to be available for Sacramento screenings in late January.
Congrats also to KLJ on his new comedy night. I urge everyone to check it out because there is no one in this town who has given more thought to "why comedy can suck" than the founder of not comedy. He's sure to avoid the usual mistakes and create something very funny (or at least make some new mistakes - which would be refreshing, wouldn't it? :).
In other news, KLJ, stage manager Bryna and myself are still hitting the YMCA dern near every morning for yoga and cardio. Go us! In the next phase of our quest for fame, we're getting colon hydrotherapy treatments and joining the Church of Scientology. Then the celebrities will have to let us into their club!

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