Thursday, October 30, 2003

Well, I can honestly say the casting call was the first time I'd ever used that phrase. In fact, I even messed it up a few times and called people "pencil-necked mother fuckers." (Which is a valid insult, but lacks the punch of the original).
In my defense, let it be known that "How would you know, you pencil-dicked mother fucker?" was my only line in the most popular audition scene and my character was supposed to be very angry. So, in comparison to the rest of the time when I was sitting around dozing or reciting the more subtle "fuck you!" banter of the "love scene," I suppose you could say I was perky about the pencil dick part. Sure.
Now tell Jonathan to quit spreading rumors about me, that pencil-dicked mother fucker.

And in other news - ICBINC's own Miles Miniaci and Becca Costello will perform on the Crest stage tonight during the intermission of the Trash Film Orgy with burlesque dancer Cherry Malone! Tomorrow night, Amber Kloss will join us for an ICBINC triple threat dance number! Bet you didn't know we hilarious actors could dance too. See for details and have a Happy Halloween!

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