Tuesday, November 18, 2003


The fun and excitement I know I, and all experienced this weekend at our shows was better than any sort of sex, drugs, alcohol, or candy. Lord have mercy I'm still jazzed! I can't thank everyone who came out and help sell out every show and for the standing 'O' we got Saturday night (blush) your all family now.

We had the best looking, hip and talented audience of fellow Sac artists supporting us right back: Robyn from Rant Mag. Jimmy Calanchini from Whiskey Rebels/ Amityville Horror, Robert Berry of Retro Crush, Jerry Perry from Alive and Kicking, Robbie Percell from Quitter, Skip from Estereo, some KDVS folks, film makers: Kristina & Victoria Rodriguez- Bob Moricz -Jonathan Morken-Laurie Petersen-Brian Darling, Diciembre Gris, Christy and Darin from Trash Film Orgy and Soul Motor, artist Irina Beffa, Erin from News and Review, Adam Miller from the Mallrats, almost all of the Short Bus Magazine Crew, local actors Katherine Pappa and Dave Campfiled, members of Free Hooch Comedy Troupe, the lovely burlesque dancer Cherry Malone, photographer Dan Atterberry...

...thank you all for coming out God will reward you richly for your support, we just gotta give you folks props!!!!!

A special thank to the band Sacramento for rawking the audience and playing at the after party, a thanks to Tom Cox for jammin at all the shows and for the rising star comedienne; a boy named Cheese! And thanks to the Gallery Horse cow and the friends and artists we have there that always support us weather it's helping at the door, with lights, or buying us beer.

If you haven't seen our show yet, please come out, not just because we want to see if you like us or not, but because we want and need more cool fringe arts friends. Thanks what it's all about folks, artists supporting other artists, so if maybe sketch comedy isn't your thing (and if it isn't go suck on a rotten egg) go support another art; music, poetry, dance, your local DJ, whatever, just get out there and help keep the fringe arts alive!!!!! Were all family folks, were just doing different things.... but in the same boat.

Thanks for the love and laughs Sacramento.

Amber, your personal pizza delivery girl.

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