Friday, November 07, 2003

I worked out at the Y for weeks. Unlike KLJ, who lost seven pounds and is looking quite svelte, I lost no weight whatsoever. This week, I stopped going altogether for lack of time. I've been working all day and practicing for the ICBINC show every night and writing articles in my "spare" time - and suddenly I am nearing (my personal) maximum skinniness. It appears I am too busy to eat. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. At any rate, it's good news for you audience members, 'cause it means I'll be wearing the short, short skirt in skit #2. Oh yes. With the heels.
Soon, I am headed to the Java Lounge to be an extra in Mr. Lobo's latest Cinema Insomnia. It's a beatnik scene, so I am wearing a black turtleneck and plenty of eyeliner, with my hair straight and parted down the middle - and I'm carrying a Jack Kerouac book (with James St. James' Party Monster hidden underneath). I think all I have to do is sit in the background and read for four hours. Compared to dancing with a cardboard box on my head for TFO, yelling obscenities for Morken and trying to hit KLJ on the head without actually hitting him on the head for ICBINC; this ought to be a piece of cake. I love the serenity of Mr. Lobo. Yes I do.

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