Friday, November 14, 2003

It's unfortunate, but logical, that those of us with the most dramatic, exciting lives have the least time to write about them here. (I guess that tells you how wild KLJ and I are, since we post just about every day...)
Less than seven hours until showtime! We road-tested the show last night with some of the most cosmopolitan rock and roll folks in town (members of Quitter and the Whiskey Rebels were in attendance, along with the founder of RANT magazine - all wearing black and looking hipper than you!) They all laughed loud and long. So now we know, if we can impress those jaded cats, we've got a great show.
Amber Kloss just called to say she's taken more than 30 reservations today just through her phone and KLJ says tickets are flying at the Beat. Word to the wise - the Horse Cow is tiny. If you're planning on coming to the show, get your tickets NOW.
See you tonight with my horns a' sparkling!

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