Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Oh! I forgot to blog about the pork incident!
Today, after we were on TELEVISION, we went to breakfast at the Tower Cafe. Many of us ordered tofu scrambles, which arrived with a shockingly small amount of tofu. KLJ asked the waiter to bring us an extra plate of tofu, which he did.
Then Sid leans over and says, "I'm not a vegan. I'd like an entire plate of nothing but pulled pork, just a big pile of it." She was kidding. We thought the waiter knew she was kidding, but out came a steaming plate of shredded pork. Not a side serving, but a full meal's worth of nothing but chunks of pig! It was like something out of the meat-eating horror story Robert Berry wrote for me. The carnivorous troupe members tried valiantly to tackle the pork, but barely made a dent. Maybe if Ben Miller was with us, they'd have had a chance.

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