Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Would you believe I met Adam Green? Would you believe I sat in the tour van with the band? Would you believe I was invited to stay at the Phoenix Hotel with the Moldy Peaches? Yes, it's all true. And the sad part is, I was really tired that day and I said no and went home to bed. Just like I did when Amber invited me to go meet the rock stars she ended up hating on Monday night.
Two things - 1) I'm sorry Amber. If I could have switched places so you could have met Adam Green instead, I would have.
2) I sure hope all this sleep I'm getting pays off someday. It's sure not livening up my social life or clearing up my complexion.

Happy Thanksgiving, ICBINC and fans! See you at the True Love once my tofurkey's all basted.

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