Friday, December 26, 2003

First, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER KLOSS! We're so glad you and your butt were born!
Secondly, let me say that Amber and I had the most fun on Christmas Eve at the Haints and Anton show. It was warm and fuzzy and laugh out loud funny and everyone should come with us next year! I also saw It's a Wonderful Life at the Crest (thanks Sid!) and drove around the rich people's neighborhoods to gawk at their glorious light displays like the peasant I am. What an awesome Christmas Eve!
Christmas was beautiful too. The rain stopped leaking through my roof and the presents were saved! Xeno got me everything I ever even thought about wanting (I must have been very good this year!) including a DVD player. So KLJ - you know how you're always offering to lend me movies, but I always tell you I can't watch them because I only have a VCR? Well, I'm ready to borrow them ALL now. Bring 'em on. Do they make the Kids in the Hall on DVD? That's the first DVD I want to own.
Hey, I just realized I'll be able to watch the I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy DVD in the comfort of my own home too! (once we film it live at the Crest Theatre at 10pm on January 10 and you're all going to be there cheering in the audience, right?) It is a merry Christmas after all!

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