Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hey all...this weekend I booked two Short Bus Presents shows!
And Bleak December those nice boys with the hardcore screamy devil vocals we met in So. Cal are going to be playing Saturday and Sunday at West Coast Worldwide with some other awesome bands on some cool labels!!!!!

It's an underground show location so ya hafta email me if you wanna know where it's going to be The shows are both at 7:00 and all ages!!!! This venue is INSANE!!!!! So come check it out if you can! It's going to be off da Mo fucking McHingezzz!!!!
Oh and I'm trying to plan a breakfast/ lunch something with Bleak December and With All Sincerity (another band playing this weekend, from Texas) with ICBINC, so I'll send out more info, I hope to see you ICBINCers this weekend!!!!!

Lord keep me away from those teenage boys!!


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