Monday, December 15, 2003

I had the best DAMN weekend eva' ! Friday night I went to Distillery to see Amityville Horror, New Rock Militia and Black Saddle Hookers. I hung out with the lovely Robyn Rant at the show and we were making fun of everyone and just saying stupid shit, she so rawks. I met some really cool people at the show and had a blast, then I saw Mike Hood (from the Hoods...duh) he's back from tour and we talked till 3:00 and he kept making fun of me since I can't speak German as well as him, he's mean.
Saturday night after the WEst Coast Worldwide show I went out with Bleak December from L.A. who also played the show that night, we first went to the liquor store and they loaded up on some alkeehol (not all of them are straightedge kidz) then we went to Pieces and got some eats, all the dudes are hella funny, they all range from 15-22 years old so I told them I was their babysitter, tee hee, we were walking all over downtown handing out fliers for their show for the show next night, the show they had that night at west coast was awesome, they are an amazing hardcore band, very progressive and experimental, but don't take themselves so serious (their keyboard player at one point when he was playing wore a girly tank that sez: I (heart) Bleak December and some neon green speedos...and that's it, and everyone kept yelling "ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!!!" it's was heeeeelarious! After that they went to their hotel because they said they wanted to trash a hotel room...silly kids. After that I walked over to Distillery about 1:30 and hung out with all the kids and bands that played the west coast show that night that headed over there afterwards, then two of the bands that played at west coast that night (With all Sincerity: from Texas and Thirty Called Arson: from Oklahoma) crashed at my place, super nice dudes, they were all pretty young kids too was funny waking up to 10 rock stars sleeping on my floor...but the best part is and I totally mean this...they all play in these hardcore bands with screamy devil vocals..BUT one of them had a blanket with puppy dogs on it, and one had a pillow with trains and clowns on it! HA HA! Now THAT'S hardcore baby! Saturday all of us read music mags, listened to cd's and talked music shit...then loaded up in their van drove to Safeway to get stuff to make lunch with, we ran into Keith there (they thought you were rad too Keith!) after that they all make dinner, and then after we ate we went to Old Sac and went to some crazy candy store and ate a bunch of salt water taffy, then went to Downtown plaza and got in trouble for riding the bikes for sale in Copelands sports and just doing stupid stuff....after that we went to West Coast Worldwide for their show and rocked out...after that we all went to get pizza and beer with Mike Hood, then both bands, and Mike all went to the Distillery for their dance night and more drinks....then after that we bought more beer and Mike Hood let us all go back to West Coast Worldwide and we all sat on the stage and drank beer, talked about music and listened to some rap and hip hop. Rad. We all finally got home around 5:00 am and crashed. I am NOT drinking ever, ever, ever again. BUT I did not puke and am proud to say that. Anyway, here I am at work now, I just sent off 'With All Sincerity' and 'Thirty to Arson', they were so nice, they did all my dishes and cleaned everything this morning before they left. I was so sad when we said goodbye. I had the best laughs and time with all them was the best, I waved them all off goodbye I went into my kitchen and found my notebook and they all signed it with all these nice notes and memories from our weekend, but the best note one of them wrote was "sorry I puked in your bathroom" But now the parties over and I'm sad my new friends are gone...BUT I told them that the River Boat Gamblers who are from Texas as they are...want us to do a rock/comedy tour with us, and they all know the River Boat Gamblers...but they will help us out with promoting the show, give us a place to crash..etc...if we go out there.

I take back my previous blog earlier about hating rock stars by the way, these guys restored my faith! :D

I (heart) 'Thirty to Arson' and 'With all Sincerity'!

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