Friday, December 19, 2003

I'm a criminal...I got a notice on my door yesterday from a law office (unnamed) stating I'm guilty of a misdemeanor. I'm not even kidding, I know your all sitting there reading this waiting for a "AH I KID!" but I'm not. Apparently last weekend when I had my band pals stay with me for the weekend, it was too crazy. My property manager said she received 5 calls from my fellow tenants that there was a party till 3:00, loud music, people talking, pot smoking, lotsa drinking, trashing the place and too many people. Okay, now I know some of this is in fact true, but trust me readers, it's not as crazy as it sounds! I just gave some friends a place to crash, and sure we all partied a bit, pretty late, maybe a tad noisy, but I SWARE it wasn't that insane, definitely not cop worthy aiight!? I felt really bad though that I upset so many people that live there, I was going to have a party this next weekend, but after receiving that notice I don't think I will now, or maybe I will keep it to a minimum. Damn. Okay the misdemeanor I'm sure your wondering how that works the paper I received stated that: anyone who causes damage to others or property is guilty of a misdemeanor. There you have it. I truly feel bad, but it won't stop me from having people over, or friends crashing, or having a place for my friends bands stay instead of their vans! No way! I guess next time I'm just going to have to lay the law a little tougher when staying at "Casa Kloss". Tee hee. The funny part about it is, my property manager said someone described the motley crue with me as "young kids with long hair, tattoos...coming in and out of the complex" bwahahah!!!! My prop. manager was worried "I was getting involved with drugs and bands who are trouble...." Hmmmm...ME!? Nooooooooo! Watch out kids, you might seen me performing next in the episode of C.O.P.S rather than I can't believe it's not Coemdy!


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