Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Last night I had a pre-Lipstick cocktail party at my place, it was great had some rock stars there (5 of whom which walked up to my apartment EACH with a bottle of whiskey and their own glasses sipping alng the way), actors, film makers, photographers, writers, and I sat back thinking looking at everyone, 'I have some pretty fucking rad creative friends' and then I sat back and looked at the room again and realized 'I have about 12 hot guys in my apartment, and NO girls!' which Miles Miniachi pointed out at that point. But of course then towards the end of the party 2 of my uber cute girl friends I dance with every week came over, and then I wasn't the only girl anymore! :)

We ate chocolate fondu, had curry pizza-ettes, finished off lot's of wine and alkeehol, and guessed it, my annoying neighbor complained again, and I sware we were being quiet!!! I was so pissed, now I wanna move out and live with friends who are cool and wanna throw parties and listen to music till 3:00 am like I do. Damn. Afterwards, all our drunk asses walked over to dance at Lipstick and it was PAAAACKED! They weren't letting anyone in at that point, but the DJ let me and my friends get in...and for free, I was stocked! I had the best time, soem kind friends bought me some drinks, met soem cool new people, danced non-stop, closed the place down, went to an after party and got to sleep at 5:00 am. Rock n roll. And since this is the 'I Can't believe it's Amber's booty' blogger now, I'll have you all know my friend Emily grabbed my tush at least 5 times. That silly girl!


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