Monday, January 05, 2004

Amber's weekend party log:
Friday night: Had a pre-short bus show at my house with over a dozen rock stars (Quitter, The Snobs and Mister Metaphor) I got my party on, I got Becca to drink I think 3-4 of my specialty martinis---BECCA GONE WILD! I somehow crammed nearly 30 people in my apt....then we all walked over to Old I for the show....more drinking, more partying, the bands rocked the house....afterwards I went to a after party...drank some more, and then walked home at like 5:00 am. GOOD TIMES! My favorite part of the night was at the Short Bus show at Old I I went around to everyone in the club and made them hold a sign that said "FUCK SHIT UP!" and took pictures of them! Hee hee!
Saturday night: I went to club Vicious! (check out for more info!) got my dance on, got my drink on....below is a picture of my friends and I from it, WOO HOO! Afterwards me, the DJ Shawn Slaughter and some DJ's from SF and all us went to Eppies for some eats, I was tired and went to sleep at 4:00 am.
Sunday: Slept in, went to lunch with friends, then I went to dinner with a cool boy I met at Lipstick last week, then he impressed me by showing me some very cool episodes of 'Aqua Teens Hunger Force' cartoons....which totally ruled! Went to a friends birthday party, Then I had another Short Bus show at West Coast World wide with my boys from L.A. Bleak December, With Dead Hands Rising and They Came Burning…SO FUN! And I didn't get kicked in the mosh pits! Afterwards Mikey Hood and all the bands and us went to get pizza and beer at midnight….Mikey played Elvis song "Suspicious Minds" on the Jukebox like 10 times that nerd! After that I got to sleep early this time (2:00) YAY!

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