Monday, January 26, 2004

Boy am I tired! Amber, KLJ and I went to San Francisco last night to catch a little more of the Sketch Fest and flyer up some of those comedy-lovin' folks in the audience. I'm normally shy about handing people flyers, but last night I developed a rush-and-tackle delivery that worked pretty well. People had to zig zag and weave like jackrabbits to avoid me, and most didn't have the energy. That was the most athletic endeavor I'd engaged in since high school gym class! Now I ought to be in shape for Amber's roller skating birthday party next Friday.
We saw Beer Shark Mice and the Red Shirt Freshmen - both LA-based long-form improv troupes - hosted by two members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. And we got in free, for being performers in the festival. Yeah, we're connected. :)
Of course we didn't get home until 1:30 am. I slept through my yoga class and now I'm preparing to sleep through an evening of bad WB television...

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