Monday, January 12, 2004

Hell yeah!!! Saturday night was unbelievable, a big thanks to all who came out as our laugh track.....I didn't think we were going to get such an overwhelming response to the show, the line went all the way down K street and if you didn't get there before 9:00, you couldn't get in, I felt so bad as we turned away about 200 people and a lot of my friends didn't get to see the show, bummer.

Yup, as Keith mentioned below there way a great crowd of other artists/ local faces who came out, Supermodel Suicide, Mister Metaphor, Quitter, An Angle, The Snobs, Red Tape, Diciembre Gris, Mallrats, Cake, Cary Rodda, David Houston, Charles from Cap Garage, Mark Halverson, writers from Short Bus/ Rant/ Alive and Kicking, Robert Berry of, RetroRandy, Paul Imagine, local actors, The Free Hooch Comedy's always nice to have artists in the audience! :)

Now, my voice is completely gone and hoarse from all the talking, laughing, drinking, no sleeping....and a big thanks to Mickie for hosting the after party drink fest at his place afterwards! :) I just hope I'll have my voice back for our big show this Wednesday for the SF sketch fest! :O

Below I thought I'd share some nice words from my pal Matt Ferro (Supermodel Suicide)
first off...sacramento was hilarious. led zepplin cover and a misfits
cover. amazing. you couldn't ask for a better "warm up" act.
second - there was a ton of people who were turned away
actually....i believe lisa and me got the very last two tickets.
we totally enjoyed the show! my fave skits would have to be the urinal
skit, the pony skit and unborn billy doll. i think that was the best
one just cause it was the "edgiest" of all the skits....and thats how
i like it. shit was fun though! thanks for inviting us though! we had a great time. your "leader" i think his name is keith lowel jensen or something, reminds me a little of scott thompson. in looks and the way he acts.
-Matt Ferro

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