Thursday, January 15, 2004

I nominate Ben and Miles for the rotten egg lifetime achievement awards on this blog. I blog all the freakin' time, yo! But yes, I had to be the rotten egg today so I could rush to work and deliver draft #2 of MY FIRST EVER COVER STORY FOR THE NEWS AND REVIEW to my editor. It comes out on Thursday the 22nd everybody! Be sure to pick one up, so the bosses will say, "Wow! When Becca writes a cover, it just flies off the stands!"
But enough about my job - how about that Sketch Fest? What a time! That was the first time I ever got to see sketch comedy outside of us, Free Hooch and all the guys on TV. I was impressed - especially with Ludlow and Canal - but I was happy to see that we held our own - and then some! "She" was a perfect opener - quiet and unexpected, with the punchline that never fails. I now think "Unborn Billy" truly is comedy gold. People just can't stop cracking up through that whole skit, and it's not subject matter I've ever heard in anyone's comedy routines before. Yay, us!
I was trying to act out Ludlow and Canal's film-into-theater skit at work this morning for Irina and she kept looking uncomfortable. Turns out the owner of the company was behind me showing one of our new employees around. I was running and spinning and doing the whole bit. Oh well. If I was the new employee, I'd think, "Hey! It can't be all bad here if the workers burst into spontaneous dance routines in the hallways..."

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