Monday, January 05, 2004

KEITH - WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DECADES? If you don't answer me soon, I'm wearing a black coat, black pants and a black ski mask for every single skit in Saturday's show.

For the record, I did not "go wild" as Amber would have you believe. I was home in my jammies by 9:30pm. On a Friday night. But yes, I did have some of Amber's special cocktails. Looks like airplane toilet water, tastes like an Otter Pop! Mmmmm! And yes, I did have fun! Thanks A.K.! (I guess it was a good day... I didn't have to use my AK.)

P.S. Henceforth, this blog shall be named "I can't believe it's Amber's trunk with the funk in the junk."

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