Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Todays the big day. Today! ICBINC performs in the SF Sketch Comedy Festival ( I'm excited and nervous as hell!

There's going to be some really awesome people in the audience tonight, cast members from SNL, Comedy Central, Scrubs, some actors from Best in Show....and more! I'm really confident about the skits were going to be presenting, they are our more edgiest unique voice is still a little hoarse from Saturday's show, but I've been drinking throat coat and will sleep on the way.

We'll all be loading up the 'band bus' and heading to the city at 3:00 tonight to knock some socks off! Then in Feb we've got 2 weeks of shows in SF, can't wait!!!! I spoke with Charles at Capitol Garage the other day and he wants us to perform at Cap Garage with Xenophilia, but if they can't I'd love to get some fun bands to play a bill with us, I think that would be awesome!

I'm secretly dying to go back and perform in LA, LA is always good to us and we always sell out, and then of course there's Venice Beach where we all 'practice' our skits before the show and eat at Mau's and stay the night in the Jim Morrison apartment over looking the ocean...damn that was a fun time, I really hope we go back in the spring...are you listening KLJ! Let's do it! Let's go back to the M Bar or Knitting Factory and play again!

I've been practicing my go-go dancing so I think I'm going to be golden for tonights show!

'YAY! Santa brought me an unborn Billy doll!!'

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