Friday, January 09, 2004

Xeno's birthday party was the best! We went ice skating at the Downtown Rink. Though the staff assurred me there would be an Elvis' birthday celebration that day, when we got there they were just playing the usual Top 40 lineup. At least I got to hear that Milkshake song everybody's always talking about. Now I'm hip.
There were about 10 of us on the ice and I'm proud to report nobody fell. Xeno and Miles' son, Gabe, were first-time ice skaters and they were more stable than most of us - except Ms. Amber "Dorothy Hamil" Kloss who did spins and turns on the ice. Later, our party grew and we packed into the oh-so-popular Mikuni Sushi and consumed $300 worth of fish and rice and saki. A few brave souls stayed up late for (vegan) cake and ice cream at my house. Ben and Shelly brought Xeno an alien-in-a-jar lamp, which lent an eerie glow to the night's finale.
We were graced with the company of many celebrities last night - including burlesque dancer Cherry Malone, filmmaker Bob Moricz, musician William Mylar, Short Bus editor Chris Acosta and a 6-months-pregnant Amy Anne! She's definitely glowing! Xeno convinced her to join him at Saturday's ICBINC show to sing a few numbers (including the Naked Man theme song!)

And for those of you still on the fence about attending tomorrow night's show at the Crest, let me just say that my new Atomic Girl costume is all skin-tight spandex... except for the see-through mesh part. Look out!

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