Friday, February 13, 2004

I'm so happy we'll be spending Valentine's Day in San Francisco! The city has legalized gay marriage and couples are flocking to the city to tie the knot. The city clerk's office will stay open on V-day to issue marriage licenses. Some couples from Sacramento are coming down to get married over the weekend! I've been looking at all the AP photos on-line of happy people kissing, just so overjoyed to marry one another. San Francisco truly is the city of love this weekend! (Yes, I know the opposition has already filed an injunction... but the courts can't hear it until Tuesday and so many people will be married and on their honeymoons by then! La la la!)
I was a little skeptical about spending my Valentine's weekend performing at Spanganga instead of enjoying some fabulous nookie with my lover... but not anymore! I'm so thrilled to be bringing the art I love with the friends I love to the people of this awesome city who are standing up to the U.S. government for love's sake. I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all! Romance is alive and well! Come to the show this weekend and laugh with us! Hugs and kisses for every single one of you!

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