Monday, February 16, 2004

Oh my gosh! I'm not the rotten egg! I don't even have a computer at home, so I have to wait until Monday to blog after a show. Still, I'm the first one! Ha! Ha!
We had an awesome Valentine's Day. Xeno and I went to city hall to see the hundreds of couples lining up to get married. Some wore wedding dresses or "groom to be" signs. Many had their children with them. Nearly everyone carried flowers and a few even handed out chocolate hearts. Inside, couples were getting married six at a time on the balconies of the rotunda. You could see them kissing and saying "I do." When a couple would emerge on the street waving their marriage certificate, everyone burst into cheers. You can see photos at on Xeno's daily blog. Later we went to the beach and the Japanese Tea Garden and did some other romantic things.
The show that night was fun. We had a boisterous crowd who laughed loud. One woman even kept saying, "Oh my God!" during the skits and cracking us up backstage. As we were packing our stuff at the end of the night, Sacramento the band walked in with their instruments and played a concert in Spanganga! It was the place to be, so I hope you were there...

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