Wednesday, February 04, 2004

We rehearsed with St. Simon 3 last night and, oh yes, they were amazing. Now you all know how much I love (and currently sleep with) our last troupe musician, Xeno, and how sad I was to see him leave the troupe. You'd think I'd be skeptical of the band replacing him (especially since they haven't agreed to sleep with me), but they are such excellent musicians! The St. Simon 3 wrote original new music that makes watching ICBINC skits as cool as watching MTV, back when they actually showed videos. Except none of us have Flock of Seagulls hair or stobe lights or anything. And there's a plot. And jokes. And no Martha Quinn, but you get the idea.
But really, the band has added a lot to this already hilarious show. You really don't want to miss all this brilliance, do you? Not to mention, Miles has promised to wear a speedo on stage, instead of his usual boxer briefs. A little something for the ladies...

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