Friday, March 26, 2004

Hey everyone check out the Dallas Observer here:

Two of my friends from Texas called me yesterday and told me the journalist was referring to me in the article, yup....that was me, I even remember standing next to the writer of the article during the show, I waiting through 5 bands just to get in the front row for the Riverboat Gamblers show! I left covered in Lone Star beer and potato chips (the band threw out hundreds of bags of potato chips in the audience!) The Riverboat Gamblers are one of my fav. bands, too bad they live in Texas.....but I felt honored to be written about/ referred to in this article!

I'm going to be throwing a secret underground house party for them next month when they tour through! Stay tuned, maybe I'll tell you where the party is at! I'm also going to be talking to them about the comedy troupe possibly doing a 'rock n' comedy' tour with them in Texas, an idea they had last time we talked as they are all really into sketch comedy! That would be boss. This weekend will be super busy, I have two back to back Short Bus shows I'm hosting and I'm having a pre show party at my place tonight. Come on by!

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