Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I’m finally back from a week of sin and debauchery in Austin Texas for the big South By South West music festival, 400 bands in 4 days, I lost count of how many Lone Star beers I had after the first day, I don’t ever, ever, ever, ever wanna drink again in my life, well until my Short Bus show this Friday, but until then, I'm still sobering up. I had the time of my life and stayed with my friends in Austin , and got to see a bunch of other friends out there, and friends bands who played out there, I caught Quitter, Cake and Frank Jordan (from Sac) I was all proud of them. I got invited to some rad industry parties and got to meet with the head dudes from Warner Bros. And Capitol records which was great, super nice people! It’s great to be back home now though, thanks to Austin band the River Boat Gamblers for the show and time of my life! FUCK YEAH! Those boys know rock n’ roll! Also thanks to Becca for letting me crash in her apt. for a night! :) Tonight I’m headed to SF to see Blonde Redhead...but no drinking tonight, no no no!!!

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