Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Triple damn! Last night half of ICBINC, me, Becca and Miles rocked out at the Short Bus Magazine Presents show I had over at Capitol Garage! We saw local fav PETS, Sekiden (from Australia) and one of my fav dance bands; The Love Makers headlined (they just got signed to Interscope records, YAY!) they were hot as always -scantilly dressed, making out and singing thier sexy dance beats non stop!! favorite DJ Shaun Slaughter spun songs uber fun dance trax inbetween sets! Everyone was dancing at the show! In the front row me, Becca and my pal Robbie (from the band Quitter...uh yeah, the ones that opened for the MF'ing Pixies last week!) danced till our feet hurt (well Becca and I did most the dancing as Robbie didn't wanna mess his hair I'm sure) it was a blast!

But my rocking doesn't st stop there! Tonight I'm going to see Muse, and tomorrow night I'm checking out Pretty Girls Make Graves playing with my pals 'Mr. Metaphor', Thursday night, I'm going to Hukilau with Becca and her krew for happy hour drinks before checking out De La Soul! Then Saturday night is my next Short Bus show at Old I with Popgun, Red Planet and The Goodmornings.......rock rock rock and don't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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