Thursday, August 12, 2004

As we all sadly know, Sacramento's own True Love cafe will be closing in just two short weeks!!And to close it out in style they will be featuring some FREE local entertainment this weekend!This Saturday night see "I Can't Believe it's not Comedy" perform some of their classic and 'best of' all original comedy sketches for free at 5:30, we are gleeful to say we will be opening for Dana Gumbiner of Deathray who will be performing right after us! So that's two awesome acts for the awesome price of FREE!! That's right folks! We're giving you the guest list treatment! So if you wanna get 'hooked up' with some free tickets, you just let us know and it's done! You see, on account of it's free already...The True Love Cafe is located at:2406 J Street SacramentoBe sure to get there early as there's limited seating! And if ya sit in the front row we'll make sure it's as equally as fun as sitting in the front row of the Dolphin Show at Marine World!So join us for some comedy, some rock, some coffee, some fruit tea freeze, and some True Love Cafe goodbyes!Ambot!

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