Thursday, June 24, 2004

We did our live recording session. Thanks to those who came and played the part of the audience. Xeno came and did the soundtracking for She and Dharlin' Big Break. It was great to work with Xeno again. We have one more recording session in the Studio with The St. Simon 3, then some editing and we'll have this thing wrapped. I am anxious to have it done and to start getting it out there. Finally they'll know who we are in Boise.

The website is getting a major overhaul and the changes should start showing up in the next month. Mr. Lobo of and Scott Moon of are doing the redesign which will include some multimedia and TONS of pictures.

I went and saw Slider, the new show from Abandon Productions. Amazing show. I'm so flattered that these incredible performers and their director are into what we're doing. We may even end up working at The Space, where they do their shows. Slider is over now but be sure to watch this space for news of their next show. They are unlike anything else you've seen.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Went to st Simon 3 rehearsal yesterday to run over the music for the CD which we're recording today. They've put together some great sounds. An overly dramatic organ durring the Naked Man Action Radio Hour, some ominous David Lynch style soundtracking for Yuppie Birth Scene, surfie x-mas music for Unborn Billie, a bit of prorno soundtracking and some red hot Jingle action too. We record the music today. Then one live session and a bit of touch up and we're done. The artwork's all done too and it's great. I can't wait to be distributing this CD.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004's been a crazy holiday weekend! Thursday was a very special and uber fun night for me, I had a Short Bus show I booked over at Capitol Garage, before hand I had a BBQ/cocktail party at my place with all the bands and friends and fans! I was extra happy because a good but far away friend of mine Jacy (who plays in Askeleton & End Transmission) who lives in Minnesota's band was one of the bands on the bill to play the show that night and I haven't seen him in a year and a half, but we've done a great job of keeping in touch through email and phone when I heard him knock on my door it was truly a happy time! He was followed into my house with rest of the band and we all partied before the show! The other bands on the bill that night were Killing Buddha, The Woods and The Velveteen side project; The New Trust! Afterwards I went with the bands to Lyons and we ate junk food till 3:00 am....after a few hours all the nice kids from Askeleton came over and crashed with me, I was sad to see them all drive away that afternoon, we sure had fun, but their tour had to continue! That evening I went to one of the coolest, biggest underground started at a parking lot/warehouse near 25th and R st...there were near 200 people there, all my downtown friends from over the years were there, it was amazing, then we got kicked out and then the party got moved to the art warehouse at Broadway and 5th, it ended up being this sort of tailgate renegade style party, nearing close to 300 people now....I was operating a mini bar out of the trunk of my car making sure all my friends had a drink in hand....then there was a band that set up to play in the parking lot....super cool electro dance band, then one of my fav Sac bands; Mr. Metaphor good friend Angelie and I were blasting some Miss Kitty out of her car....running around like a couple of school other dear friends; Adam, Candice, Andrew, Nick, Robbie and I were all cruising this crazy party and running amuck. I ended up getting to sleep at 4:00 after the cops came and kicked us all out....this is by far one of the best Sac parties I've been to. Sundays cd recording for our ICBINC cd was super fun, it was my first time in a recording studio and I took some cool pics I'll share soon! The time went by fast and afterwards we had a Lil' party and ate and drank! :)