Monday, September 19, 2005

Back from Seattle

What a great weekend. We saw some more great sketch including The Cody Rivers Show, Flaming Box of Stuff and Troop. I was bummed that we missed Fresh Meat, but we did get to hang out with them at the after party, which was about as much fun as I've ever had.
Click the links, check out the websites, get to know some of the countries best sketch troupes.
I'm sooooo glad to be home. I will sleep in my own bed, with my own fiance tonight. The fiance at the Hostel was nice and all, but mine just fits me better ya know what I mean?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yes, we rocked Seattle, we did

The show last night went great. We did a dozen very short form sketches in ten minutes. There were one or two that would have gotten better laughs if we had time for the slow burn (I know because they were adapted from long form skits that we've done) and there one or two that got a BETTER response in this short frantic version. Then we came back and did a second skit, Pinata, which went over well.
My Aunt Marie and Uncle Ted, my cousins Isa, Tim and TC all came, as did our friend's Natalie and Bill and some friends of Amber's and Becca's that I don't know as well. We got some great props from people.
Earlier in the night I saw Hypnagogia who did the best sketch performance I've seen live, EVER! They were up there with the best of Kids In The Hall, but they knew they were live and really worked with the audience, creating a creepy vibe one minute and then tearing it appart and cracking us up with silliness the next. I loved it.
Tonight I'll see Flaming Box of Stuff, featuring some members of Hypnagogia. I'll write more tommorow. and I'll bug Amber for some photos. She's out jogging right now, and I imagine Becca's sleeping as we were out until the wee hours of the morning.

Friday, September 16, 2005

At a Hostel in Seattle

Got into Seattle last night. Worked a volunteeer shift at the sketchfest, saw some sketch, and then checked into the youth hostel. What a nice hostel! I'm sitting at the free breakfast now, using their free wi-fi.
Amber and I are sharing a bunk bed in a room with an australian couple. They're hillarious. We can't get our key card to work, and the woman keeps showing us how to do it but it still doesn't work for us. I told her it must be some aboriginal trick and I think she was offended.
I've got to go move the car. We perform tonight at midnight. Our ten minutes of glory.
We'll try to find someplace to rehearse today.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Leaving for Seattle

We leave for Seattle in a couple of hours. I'm stoked, and nervous, as I always am before a show. This one is extra difficult though because we really want to impress and we've got only ten minutes to do it. TEN MINUTES!
We've put together a fast paced bizarred ten minutes that jumps from skit to skit like a hyper ten year old has posession of the remote control. Woo hoo.
Horrah. Um, yeah, wish us luck.