Thursday, January 20, 2005


"I felt tense while I was listening to this piece.
I loved it, but I felt tense,"
Jeffrey Callison on NPR
Reviewing the skit "She" from our CD

"The group brings its warped humor to San Francisco for two nights with skits like "Satan's Receptionist," in which a self-pitying nobody seeks advice from a hellish secretary, as well as a hilarious think piece that skewers a vegan public service announcement."
Jane Tunks, SF Weekly 4/13/2005

"A mix of old time radio style and irreverent (but surprisingly non-profane) humor, the crew brings to mind some of the funnier bits of Monty Python and vintage Saturday Night Live. These guys could easily be the next SCTV."
Robert Berry,

"'Yuppie Birth Scene,' got laughs in the right places; and the timing was perfect throughout the 'Team Urinals' sketch, in which three men bond over a shared affliction: shy-bladder syndrome."
Jim Carnes Sac Bee Ticket, Cover Story!

"Weird and Wonderful"
The Sacramento News and Review

"Sacramento's Premier Original Comedy Troupe"
The Sacramento Bee

"As the crowd at the onstage toilets grows, the laughs also geometrically progress until both actors and audience are busting their guts for very different reasons."
Sac News and Review "Best Of" Issue
Awarding ICBINC a "Best Of Sacramento" Award

"In case of accidental ingestion, contact a poison control center immediately." Chris Acosta, Short Bus Magazine

"Hilariously Offbeat" Sac News & Review Winter Guide 2002

"Surprisingly entertaining. These people can make serial killers funny! (In an unsettling, will-I-go-to-hell-for-laughing-at-this? way.)" Sacramento News and Review

"Thanks for the Laughs...They're terrific!" Dale Schornack News10

"Dale Shornack likes them!" Nick Toma Good Day Sacramento!

"A single father awkwardly giving his teenage daughter “the talk,” a childbirth gone horribly (and hilariously) wrong, and a trio of “pee shy” men caught cock-in-hand at a public urinal all are topics ICBINC's players mine for their comedic potential." Christian Kiefer SN&R

"Thrilling 3-D Action!" -Sac N & R Pick of the week!

"Sacramento's Hilarious New Comedy Troupe!" -The Comic Press News!

"Knocking everyone's socks off with their original sketches"

"It's hard not to like a comedy troupe who's program guide boasts 'More fun than a gorilla with a martini!'" Elaine Hess KXJZ, Sac's NPR station

"Sophomoric" Jackson Griffith, Sacramento News and Review

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