Friday, December 31, 2004

Bringing in the new year by listening to The Haints, (a Sacramento band featuring all 3 members of the Groovie Ghoulies and then some) hanging out at home, reclaiming the apartment from the mess Bryna and I created durring the Christmas week. I've been pretty emotional today over the Tsunami disaster in south Asia. What a mess. I'm buggin everyone I know to give what they can and to find creative ways to get others to give more to the relief effort. It's an amazing effort so far from around the globe. It's so important to get things cleaned up quickly though or the death toll can double from disease, thirst, exposure. We'll give whatever money comes in at the wednesdays Funny Peculiar show to the effort. Oh yeah, this wednesday is the third Funny Peculiar show at Luna's Cafe. See for the facts.
Later I'll pick up Bryna from work and we'll decide where to be at midnight. I don't really care where we end up, so long as we kiss at start of the new years, as we do everyear. ELEVEN YEARS! Our anniverary is in a week. Congratulate are certainly in order.
Oh, and I went and saw my friends Johnny and Amalia's baby, Maya Luna. What a cutie. She came out a whole month early so she is TINY!
Well, back to the housework.
I'm thinking of trying to get a radio show together. I need a prolific musician to help soundtrack a weekly bout of storytelling and lies.
Peace. Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Haven't written here for a while. I should make the blog more accessible from the site.
We were crazy with trying to market the CD durring the Christmas shopping rush. Now we're less crazy and just getting ready for March shows in Sac and April shows in SF. We're putting together all new material. We've got some great skits. Lot's of stuff about love oddly enough. It's the Love Show. I hope to do some more writing before we start rehearsing and I know Becca does as well.
It'll be good starting rehearsals again, though it'll be odd without Miles. Oh yeah, Miles is no longer with us. We've decided to part ways. I think he has too much going on. It seems like we've had much cast change in the troupe, but really we're still four original members and one newby, Becca, though she's not that new, she's been helping with lights and such from very early on.
We just started as a huge crew and we've shrunken down over the years. Three years to be exact. The March shows will mark our 3rd anniversary and my birthday.

Friday, November 26, 2004

My new comedy show is tonight. I've though about my material but I've refused to let myself write it, which is nerve racking. The point of this show though is to develope my abilitiy to shoot from the hip, something I've always done well at. It sure can make you feel better though to have it all planned out. I can't wait to have tonight out of the way, and to be doing this regular enough that I go back to being chill about it.
A lot of my family will be there, which adds to the nervousness. Bombing would suck but bombing in front of your family would suck worse.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sunday, October 24, 2004

YAY! I'm pretty excited. I just got a comedy show at Luna's. Stand Up, storytelling, sketch, performance art, but mostly Stand Up. We'll do it open mic style but with some quality control so that the comedians get a place to work out (those that do the actual work) AND the audience gets a good show.
I'm doing one show on November 26th and then another on December 8th, then in January we'll go to twice monthly onWednesdays, with occasional "Big Shows" on Fridays to showcase our best and brightest.
I'll set up a website just for this eventualy.

Come to our cd release party. See our shows page on this website for more.

Friday, October 15, 2004

College papers being written about you, yep, that's when you're a real success. My pal Mia is writing a paper on ICBINC for a class she's taking. The assignment called for a report on The SF Mime Troupe, The Pickle Family Circus, I think there were a couple of other choices. To write on something outside of the choices she had to submit a proposal and so she proposed to write on us. Pretty cool. I'm a high school drop out being written about in college.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

SO SICK OF BEING A BUSINESS MAN! I'm glad that I can do it, but I'd much rather be working on new comedy. I wonder if it would have been a better career move to just do my comedy ALL the time and then it'd be out there more frequently and the quality would be improving at a faster rate, and then someone else would come along an take care of the business. As it is, I feel like I was a lot of energy doing business. I try to find a way to do business creatively but I'd so much rather just be writing and putting on shows. Why such a drive to sell it then? So I can stop spending 40 + hours of my week working for someone else in a TOTALLY uncreative capacity.
Tired. This CD marketing thing is just wearing me out.
I've been thinking about the next show. I want to do something we've talked about from the beginning. I want to rent a bus and do the whole show aboard the bus and at various stops. It's not totally original, the inspiration comes from Popcorn antitheatre who we perform with in SF, but there's was a variety show and verry anarchistic. I want to do a full, fluid, bus ride, scripted and all tying together. Video, music, skits, shills, mass fun.
That'd be so cool.
There's no reason why we couldn't tour such a show. It's easier to rent a bus in every town then to rent a venue.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Wow, we got our first negative review. Kinda nice to have it done with. Almost three years at this and so far nothing but glowing reviews. The negative review was made much worse because it was written by a friend and he was asshole enough to mention that I'd been calling him and asking for a review. BY NAME he mentions me. All three names, of course. It suck because I never called and asked him for a review. I assumed that since one of our members works at the paper they couldn't review us. I was calling asking him to listen to it because I wanted his feedback, because we're friends. My other friends can tell ya, I've been bugging all of them too. So, it was a pretty harsh sting in that way. Otherwise it wasn't too bad. He mentions The Firesign theatre as an example of a good comedy troupe. I HATE the Firesign Theatre, so that's almost a compliment. I should mention that we've gotten some rave reviews as well. For instance Robert Berry at writes.

"I can't stand what passes for comedy CDs these days. I like to see a standup comedian in action, not just listen to a soundtrack of their act. That's why Sacramento's own I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy Troupe's debut CD "Funnier Than God" is so great to hear. Using a mix of old time radio style and irreverent (but surprisingly non-profane) humor, the crew brings to mind some of the funnier bits of Monty Python and vintage Saturday Night Live. Highlights of the CD involve a couple episodes of "Naked Man", a crime-fighter who takes advantage of the discomfort he causes super-villains by fighting them naked, and "Pizza Sluts" which takes a funny angle on the real-life aspects of making porn movies."

Friday, October 08, 2004

HEY! We're having a party. The CD is out. It's in stores, Dimple, Tone Vendor, The Beat, Tower on Broadway, and it's SELLING! We've sold a bunch online as well, including one to Stockholm Sweden which is pretty dang cool.
We're gonna celebrate with a HUGE bash on November 5th. It'll be 10 bucks to get in, but that gets you a copy of the CD as well so you can't lose. DJ Junior from the Trash Film Orgy is back in town and will be DJing as will Francois Fly. Our house band The St. Simon 3 will be playing and special Guest Bob Barango will be rockin' also. Who knows what else, piniata, stip go fish, whatever we can come up with. Maybe gorrilla strip tease. Woo hoo. See the Shows page of our website for more. AND BE THERE.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

They're running every episode of The Simpsons, from the first to the last. It's great to look back. I still love the Simpsons, but those early episodes we're realy something. Great show.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The new website is looking good. We're getting many compliments. Check out the Links page to find Scott Moon and Erik Lobo who designed the site for us.
We're still working on photo galleries and on making more visible links to this Blog.
Note, The CD is for sale. Woo hoo. Buy 20 of 'em. Now. Right away. Before they're all gone. There they go. Quick, quick, quick!
We're getting a tour together for Spring and Summer of 2005. I'm excited about touring and hopefull that we can get some support built up in cities we've never been to before by putting the CD out there.
In the meanwhile I'll be making trips to as many towns as I can to sell the CD to record stores and the like and to give copies to all the college radio stations.
We can use all the help we can get so if you know of cool record stores or DJ's who are willing to play weird indy comedy stuff let us know.
It's always great to get mail from folks. It's inspiring. So by all means, drop us a line. Make us feel all famous and stuff.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Here's a photo from the ICBINC cd recording studio and one from an ICBINC BBQ!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Done, It's Done, It's Done! The CD is Done! But I mean it for real this time. After the last time I said it was done I went back to the producer and had him tweek a few things. Now it's ready to ship. It's getting some great reviews from the folks who've sneak peeked it. Most exciting.
The new website is going up quickly too. From our current front page you can click Cast to get a look at the new pages. There are still broken links and what not, which is why we've not put up the new front page yet, but those should be worked out in no time. Woo hoo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I've been having a-lot of strange dreams, probably the result of stressing over the CD. Here's one.

I'm at a party where the organizers of a film festival honoring a particular director are gathering to screen a few of his films and to discuss which ones to put in the film. It's realy nice. Some pleasant snacks, nice folks, even the colors of the room and the cloths are soothing and comforting. My friend Steve is there (a film buff in real life) and he puts on the first short films.

The Film
A young couple is talking with an adult woman, presumably a parent of one or the other. The woman is assuring them that whatever secret they have, whatever they're hiding, it can't be too bad. They can get through everything. The parent seems bright and intelligent and you're sure that even if the couple is about to announce a pregnancy or the like it will be handled well by all involved. After a few stare between the youngsters and a few reassuring smiles from the adult, they instruct her to look in the bathroom. Looking intrigued more than concerned the woman makes her way to the bathroom door. She opens the door and their is a chubby asian exchange studen, haning horizontal above the bath. He is tied and hanging by yards of piano wire which is cutting into his skin. He is pale and chubby and looks like the Hollywood stereotype of the nerdy exchange student. He looks up and smiles like an injured dog, more immediately happy to see company than aware of his prediciment. He then seems embarassed as he spits a mouth full of blood into the drain. The camera zooms in on the blood which pools as the drain is plugged with vomit and a few teeth. The blood drains down slowly sifting through the solids.

I wake up.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today we listened to our new CD together. The whole thing beginning to end. Candace (our fan club president) as well as a couple of friend of mine who just moved back to Sac from Santa Cruz joined us in listening as did Chip and Simon from The St. Simon 3.
It's a good CD. I'm pretty happy with it. I don't feel like I'm hearing it all that objectively. I'm way to close to it right now. It's fun and it's pretty unique. I'm all ready to do another one but I know that's quite a ways off. Now comes the task of getting this one out there. We ship it to the manufacturers on Monday and we should have 1,000 copies with Irina Beffa's excellent artwork on the cover by September 3.
Our CD Release show on Sept 10th is to be postponed as the venue lost it's alcohol permit. We may move it to Body Tribe (Chip's Gym).
Scott Moon and Erik Lobo continue to plug away at the website redesign. It should be online very soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

As we all sadly know, Sacramento's own True Love cafe will be closing in just two short weeks!!And to close it out in style they will be featuring some FREE local entertainment this weekend!This Saturday night see "I Can't Believe it's not Comedy" perform some of their classic and 'best of' all original comedy sketches for free at 5:30, we are gleeful to say we will be opening for Dana Gumbiner of Deathray who will be performing right after us! So that's two awesome acts for the awesome price of FREE!! That's right folks! We're giving you the guest list treatment! So if you wanna get 'hooked up' with some free tickets, you just let us know and it's done! You see, on account of it's free already...The True Love Cafe is located at:2406 J Street SacramentoBe sure to get there early as there's limited seating! And if ya sit in the front row we'll make sure it's as equally as fun as sitting in the front row of the Dolphin Show at Marine World!So join us for some comedy, some rock, some coffee, some fruit tea freeze, and some True Love Cafe goodbyes!Ambot!

Friday, August 06, 2004

It never ends. I've now spent 42 hours in the studio. With the troupe, with the band, with just the producer. I still have about 9 hours to go, and anything not done at that point will just have to wait until the next CD comes out. I'm still keeping up with my day job, attempting to give attention to my relationship and trying to find time to breath. Add the appearance at the Trash Film Orgy, the Kid's Birthday party I'm doing tommorow, the work we're doing on the computer tommorow to get the CD manufacturing paid for and to download some sound FX, the interview with Jonathan Morken I'm doing regarding his new film Nwar which I'm writing up for The News and Review, and finally the TFO wrap party tomorrow night. I'm squeezing a haircut in in the morning also.
The funny thing is I still find time to be board. I can't wait until we're producing a film and every second of everyong day is occuppied with frenzied creative energy. If I can learn to be calm and peaceful then I will be a Zen Master.
I've decided to try to write one short story a day. Usually very short. Like four or five lines. I'm reading a book of Zen stories that my friend Allen turned me onto and I'm really liking it.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey everyone! Come see I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT COMEDY live and FREE at the True Love Cafe closing weekend entertainment a thon for 24 hours! Were scheduled to play at 5:20 but for only a half hour slot so get there early as it will be packed! The cafe is on the corner of J and 24th Street! Let is know if you have any question! We hope to see you there! Below are pictures from our cd recording session! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 31, 2004

blog blog blog blog blog

We've sheduled a CD Release Cocktail Party. Woo Hoo. September 10th, at Uptown Studios, 9 and 1/2 J Street. Xeno and The St. Simon 3 will provide music, there will be a well equiped bar and we will be dressed to the nines. Woo Hoo. I'm happy.

The CD continues skyward budget wise, but it's coming out SOOOO well that It's worth it. At least that's what I think. Convincing our financier, well, that's another story. But you all, you will be convinced. I believe we have a completely unique recording, smart, funny, risky, silly, I can't wait to start playing it for folks.

We may do a small tour in February or March. Just a couple of us heading up to Portland, Seattle etc. That'd be fun.

Monday, July 26, 2004

I just got back from editing the CD with David Houston. We got through Yuppie Birth Scene, most of SHE and some of Naked Man. David had some realy great ideas and I really like the way this editing session went. After the recording sessions I was full of doubt about my performance and what not, always wishing we could do another take, but the editing process goes the opposite way. I'm amazed at how good we can make it all sound.
Back to it tommorrow. These are long days, what with the day job and all.
We had a nice little BBQ at my place. It was great seeing all the little ICBINCers again. Bob and Irina came by and stayed afterwards to watch a movie. They're great folks and I'm glad we're working with them. Reminder: Bob is our filmmaker, Irina is our graphic artist.
After the BBQ I headed to Barbarella at the Trash Film Orgy. Their live musical number beffore the show and durring intermission was great. I didn't get into bed until 2:30 am, very late for me. Up early the next day for an all day gig MCing the Power Tool Drag Races. I am beat.
I'm heading to David Houston's tonight after work and again tommorow to finish editing the CD. I'm getting excited. We're almost done. Woo hoo.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Keith! The cd layout looks awesome!!!! Great job to everyone involved! Also, I'd like to take this time out to congrat to XENOPHILIA for being inducted in to the hall of fame at last nights SAMMIES awards! Sooooo proud of you guys! Also congrats to my pals in QUITTER and CALL ME ISHMAEL for receiving critics choice awards, and QUITTER for receiving best cd of the year! SUPER exciting!!! It was great to see almost all of ICBINC out at the SAMMIES last night, I had a great time at dinner with you all and the party was a blast!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I just spent six days camping in the Black Rock Desert with Bryna, Allen and Steve from Gallery Horse Cow and a whole bunch of other folks. The Desert is gorgeous. I decided not to bring my lap top as I would not be able to replace it if the desert were to eat it. Too bad as I would have liked to have gotten some work done. I was on megaphone duty for a rousing game of Flaming Bryna Ball. It's like soccer but there's not goals, teams or point, just balls made of toilet paper rolls dipped in gasoline and set on fire, sometimes with mortars inside them. The players then randomly kick the flaming balls around the desert hoping not to be close to one when it explodes. If you should decide to play this ridiculously dangerous game I can bear no responsiblity, after all, it was Bryna who accidentally gave Allen the idea to add the mortars. Hence the name; Flaming Bryna Ball.
I was wearing polyester and suffering with a bad back so I provided megaphone MC duties instead of playing. Plus I encouraged survival instinct lacking folks not to smoke near the big bucket of gasoline!
I met some great folks from Portland, Seattle and LA. The people are events coordinators, members of Arts Colonies and all around neat, creative people. I'm hoping they will be anxious to help us bring our show to their towns and to share in the experience.
For now we continue to plug away at the CD. Nothing new to report. Just waiting to be done recording. I am going to Irina's now to peak at the art.
First, on last piece of news. Patrick, AKA DJ Junior will be returning to Sac after Burning Man. It will be good to have him back.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

We did our live recording session. Thanks to those who came and played the part of the audience. Xeno came and did the soundtracking for She and Dharlin' Big Break. It was great to work with Xeno again. We have one more recording session in the Studio with The St. Simon 3, then some editing and we'll have this thing wrapped. I am anxious to have it done and to start getting it out there. Finally they'll know who we are in Boise.

The website is getting a major overhaul and the changes should start showing up in the next month. Mr. Lobo of and Scott Moon of are doing the redesign which will include some multimedia and TONS of pictures.

I went and saw Slider, the new show from Abandon Productions. Amazing show. I'm so flattered that these incredible performers and their director are into what we're doing. We may even end up working at The Space, where they do their shows. Slider is over now but be sure to watch this space for news of their next show. They are unlike anything else you've seen.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Went to st Simon 3 rehearsal yesterday to run over the music for the CD which we're recording today. They've put together some great sounds. An overly dramatic organ durring the Naked Man Action Radio Hour, some ominous David Lynch style soundtracking for Yuppie Birth Scene, surfie x-mas music for Unborn Billie, a bit of prorno soundtracking and some red hot Jingle action too. We record the music today. Then one live session and a bit of touch up and we're done. The artwork's all done too and it's great. I can't wait to be distributing this CD.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004's been a crazy holiday weekend! Thursday was a very special and uber fun night for me, I had a Short Bus show I booked over at Capitol Garage, before hand I had a BBQ/cocktail party at my place with all the bands and friends and fans! I was extra happy because a good but far away friend of mine Jacy (who plays in Askeleton & End Transmission) who lives in Minnesota's band was one of the bands on the bill to play the show that night and I haven't seen him in a year and a half, but we've done a great job of keeping in touch through email and phone when I heard him knock on my door it was truly a happy time! He was followed into my house with rest of the band and we all partied before the show! The other bands on the bill that night were Killing Buddha, The Woods and The Velveteen side project; The New Trust! Afterwards I went with the bands to Lyons and we ate junk food till 3:00 am....after a few hours all the nice kids from Askeleton came over and crashed with me, I was sad to see them all drive away that afternoon, we sure had fun, but their tour had to continue! That evening I went to one of the coolest, biggest underground started at a parking lot/warehouse near 25th and R st...there were near 200 people there, all my downtown friends from over the years were there, it was amazing, then we got kicked out and then the party got moved to the art warehouse at Broadway and 5th, it ended up being this sort of tailgate renegade style party, nearing close to 300 people now....I was operating a mini bar out of the trunk of my car making sure all my friends had a drink in hand....then there was a band that set up to play in the parking lot....super cool electro dance band, then one of my fav Sac bands; Mr. Metaphor good friend Angelie and I were blasting some Miss Kitty out of her car....running around like a couple of school other dear friends; Adam, Candice, Andrew, Nick, Robbie and I were all cruising this crazy party and running amuck. I ended up getting to sleep at 4:00 after the cops came and kicked us all out....this is by far one of the best Sac parties I've been to. Sundays cd recording for our ICBINC cd was super fun, it was my first time in a recording studio and I took some cool pics I'll share soon! The time went by fast and afterwards we had a Lil' party and ate and drank! :)

Monday, May 24, 2004

Coming Soon, a sneak peak at one of the tracks on our upcoming CD release "Funnier Than God."
I'll put a link up to an mp3 sometime in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Our own Miles Miniaci just recieved a rave review from The Sacramento Bee for his role in the play "Art".

The Bee's Marcus Crowder says "Ignited by Miniaci's comic tour de force portrayal of Yvan, the friend caught in the middle, the production locks on to the boisterous humor of "Art" and never lets go."

We've got the best actor's in this city in our troupe. I wish we could get Crowder to come review us. It's strange that they don't treat sketch comedy as theatre. I've been to One Act festivals and it's just sketch comedy with a different name. Oh well. I can't complain. Wether they call us theatre or comedy the papers have been most generous and we're certainly not hurting for support.

The CD is coming along GREAT. Last night's rehearsal was really good. I'm excited about the recording sessions.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

haven't posted in a while. It's 2:45am, I just got back from the fashion show at gallery horse cow. wow. how do thy build up SOOO much hype. lots of it was really cool but i think less skinny girls would have been nice. I worked the door and every other person was sure they were supposed to be in free.
i've been listening to TONS of Brian Eno. Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, Here Come the Warm Jets and Before & After Science. Three amazing albums.
We went and saw Elaine May. It was really cool. She's just got a natural charisma and grace in storytelling that I love.
I saw Stella on comedy central and now I don't feel so bad about missing their show. I was most underwhelmed with what I saw.
okay good night. must go to bed/

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I have a crew? Amber, you are my crew. But yes, Thursday's happy hour at the Hukilau is a go! If anyone wants to go, it's at 16th and O! (Check out those rhymes, baby.)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Triple damn! Last night half of ICBINC, me, Becca and Miles rocked out at the Short Bus Magazine Presents show I had over at Capitol Garage! We saw local fav PETS, Sekiden (from Australia) and one of my fav dance bands; The Love Makers headlined (they just got signed to Interscope records, YAY!) they were hot as always -scantilly dressed, making out and singing thier sexy dance beats non stop!! favorite DJ Shaun Slaughter spun songs uber fun dance trax inbetween sets! Everyone was dancing at the show! In the front row me, Becca and my pal Robbie (from the band Quitter...uh yeah, the ones that opened for the MF'ing Pixies last week!) danced till our feet hurt (well Becca and I did most the dancing as Robbie didn't wanna mess his hair I'm sure) it was a blast!

But my rocking doesn't st stop there! Tonight I'm going to see Muse, and tomorrow night I'm checking out Pretty Girls Make Graves playing with my pals 'Mr. Metaphor', Thursday night, I'm going to Hukilau with Becca and her krew for happy hour drinks before checking out De La Soul! Then Saturday night is my next Short Bus show at Old I with Popgun, Red Planet and The Goodmornings.......rock rock rock and don't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Larry Gonick, cartoon histories, This guy is brilliant. His cartoon histories of the workld are just amazing. Really cool. I just read volume one and two, I can't wait to get three.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

American Masters . Elaine May | PBS
We're going to see Elaine May next Monday. That is so cool. I hope she'll autograph one of my Nichol's and May records.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Alright, alright already. I'll blog dammit. The Stella show was fun, but it would have been more fun if anyone I knew was there and also if there had been any place to sit down. (My feet started to hurt by the third hour.) The format was three guys in suits (all of whom used to be on that show "The State") doing a sort of three-way stand-up routine. There were no breaks and the topics were all over the place. They were good at the segueways though, because I kept trying to retrace their train of thought in my head and I couldn't really. Some of the highlights: The way Michael Ian Black kept mentioning that he had been on VH1's "I Love the 80s" show, as if he had reached this career height far beyond the other two; the Zots and Crumbles bit (I can't explain it in writing); their analysis of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" ("The Baja Men don't force an answer down your throats. They let the ambiguity stand. Who let the dogs out?"), and the wild and crazy bare-assed simulated sex. Bet you wish you'd gotten a ticket, now! I wish you did, too, cause I was laughin' with myself, laughin' with myself, oh oh oh oh...

Sunday, April 25, 2004

We drove to SF to see the comedy troupe Stella but it sold out and Amber and I were unable to get in. Becca however did get in and maybe she'll post a review here. Maybe. Hint hint. Becca, you reading this?
I was waiting outside The Independent for Becca to get out and I ran into a couple of guys from Kaspar Hauser, one of the organizers of the Sketchfest who is also in Totally False People and also one of the women from Killing My Lobster. It was pretty flattering that they all knew who I was. I feel like we're getting known in SF which is really nice. It can be a hard town to get noticed in.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ah, so it is, I am the rotten egg yet again. Oh what a lowly lot in life to be but an egg, a cholesterol bomb that is frequently devilled. What further torture might I be subjected to? I should not ask such, for life supplies an answer only too soon. To be devilled is indeed too good a fate for this egg, as it is revealed that I shall spend my eternity cursed with rottenness.

Yeah, last night's shows went great. The audience was with us all the way. Some of the folks from Abandon Productions, whoes physical theatre I am a big fan of, showed up. It threw me off a bit, that is to say, I was a bit intimidated by their presence. They seemed to realy like the show. My friend David AKA The Kid FINALLY came out to the show and he brought two pals who were falling off their chairs laughing. Poet BL Kennedy showed up with our mutual pal Linda and they were crackin' up pretty good as well. All in all a good time was had. Better than I expected realy as I've been a bit burnt out from our nonstop schedule as of late. It is nice to know the CD is all we have to worry about for next few months. Well, that and getting the DVD edited.
P.S. Keith, I believe this makes you the rotten egg. Har!
Tonight was ICBINC at it's finest. There are nights when the show just pops, we connect with the audience and the exchange of energy is intoxicating. Tonight was one of those nights. Now we're off to the studio for the recording of our first CD (note I say first 'cause there's sure to be more!). Remember to write if you want to be party of the live audience.

Socko is off to the Bahamas for a well deserved break (he definitely needs some color) and he's hooking up with Toadie in the Hamptons when he returns.

Good night.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The show last night went well. My brother John and my Sister-In-Law Raquel came to the show.They're up from Southern California to see us all before they leave for Australia for two years. They really enjoyed the show. Afterwards we were hanging out in the gallery and some drunk fool banged on the door and asked if he and his girlfriend could come in and party. I told him no because we were closing up and he said well I'm coming in and started to push past me. I called for my brother as he is an ultimate fighter and would handle this guy with ease but drunk guy changed his mind before John even responded and he headed back out to harass other folks. I felt bad for his girlfriend.
Two more shows tonight. Just between you and I, blogger, I'm kind of anxious to get this weekend done so I can turn my full attention to our CD.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hey, I've mentioned my friend Sean Hetherington before. He's a local comedian, only he's increasingly less local as he's getting lots o' out of town bookings. Anyway, he's pretty damn funny and he's got lots of interesting things to talk about. He used to work in the reality TV game in Hollywood, He's beat a weight problem, he's recently come out, and he is realy a robot sent from the future to make sure that the lame ass shit jokes passing as risky comedy these days does not bring about the end of humanity in the near future, but luckily he's not being played by Arnold. So anyway his site's at

Friday, April 09, 2004

Oh man, I had the funnest evening. The Sacramento Bee is doing a little artist profile on me and so they sent a photographer to grab some shots. Well I put on my most fabulous fop get up and headed over to the crest where she got lots of shots of me in front and in the Crest fountain. The pictures in the fountain are hellza funny. The shame of it is, I can only get a copy of the photo they use for the aricle and not all the others. Oh well. What's a boy to do? I put the photo up as soon as I get. If you want to check out my article grab the Sacramento Bee on Friday April 16th.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've been updating my journal and making sure the ICBINC story is well documented. From the day I first said Hey, we should start a comedy troupe that doesn't suck to the day we had to share a dressing room with the ladies of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.
It's a pretty interesting story. And I'm recording it accurately with all the fighting and crying and borrowing each others make up left in. Of course I'm writing it so I come across like an angel.
I've made a new friend. A gal from Germany name of Dani, who is a big Ellen fan found us when she searched the web for Ellen. You may remember that a good friend of ours, comedian Jeff Cosgrave went to Hollywood and ended up Ellen's personal assistant, a member of her writing staff and a regular on her show. She is now the first brick in the foundation upon which our German fan base will be built.
I have a friend named Paul Weller (not the one from The Jam) who live in Germany but sadly, I've lost track of him. Anyway, Dani's website is
. Now I am off to rehearsal, but I'll try to bring you back some donughts.

Friday, April 02, 2004

April Fools gone too far? We aren't realy being flown out to New York by Sub Pop. But Amber has friends that work there, and seeing my April Fools prank she started writing her friends and asking about Sub Pop bring us to New York. Hee hee. Sorry Amber. But who knows, perhaps this will put ideas in their heads eh!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I'm back from Lake Tahoe and gambled away! Good news! I came back about $40 bucks richer and the Caesars host offered me a free hotel/ dinner night! I hear an ICBINC Tahoe trip coming on!!!
HA! Amber is the cover girl at
The 2nd night of Twighlight Zone sold out by 5pm for a 10pm show. Great crowd. We did Unwanted Willy as it's been re-written for our CD and it came out great. We did Suicide Hotline, a new skit written for the CD. Both went over very well.
Miles, Becca and I spent the night in the theatre. I noticed I was sleeping under the lights, which would smash my head and kill me if they fell. So I moved my futon so that falling theatre lights would only smash my hips and render me unable to walk, have sex or go to the bathroom on my own. Only then was I able to sleep.
We went to breakfast at a great place, Ep Tide I think it's called and then we did a wee bit o' thrift store shoppin' before having to get Miles back to town so he could escort his son to a birthday party.
Now we're back to work.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The damn near sold out crowd at The Twilight Zone show last night really enjoyed us. Lots o' laffs, some in places where I expected only a giggle. And we got a number for a feller who may be our next SF PR guy, cuz being a Sacramento entity we will definately need some help if we gonna get any SF press. And I sure am ready for some SF press.
I'm glad we took this gig even if we are insanely busy trying to get our april shows and our CD ready simultaneously.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Hey everyone check out the Dallas Observer here:

Two of my friends from Texas called me yesterday and told me the journalist was referring to me in the article, yup....that was me, I even remember standing next to the writer of the article during the show, I waiting through 5 bands just to get in the front row for the Riverboat Gamblers show! I left covered in Lone Star beer and potato chips (the band threw out hundreds of bags of potato chips in the audience!) The Riverboat Gamblers are one of my fav. bands, too bad they live in Texas.....but I felt honored to be written about/ referred to in this article!

I'm going to be throwing a secret underground house party for them next month when they tour through! Stay tuned, maybe I'll tell you where the party is at! I'm also going to be talking to them about the comedy troupe possibly doing a 'rock n' comedy' tour with them in Texas, an idea they had last time we talked as they are all really into sketch comedy! That would be boss. This weekend will be super busy, I have two back to back Short Bus shows I'm hosting and I'm having a pre show party at my place tonight. Come on by!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I’m finally back from a week of sin and debauchery in Austin Texas for the big South By South West music festival, 400 bands in 4 days, I lost count of how many Lone Star beers I had after the first day, I don’t ever, ever, ever, ever wanna drink again in my life, well until my Short Bus show this Friday, but until then, I'm still sobering up. I had the time of my life and stayed with my friends in Austin , and got to see a bunch of other friends out there, and friends bands who played out there, I caught Quitter, Cake and Frank Jordan (from Sac) I was all proud of them. I got invited to some rad industry parties and got to meet with the head dudes from Warner Bros. And Capitol records which was great, super nice people! It’s great to be back home now though, thanks to Austin band the River Boat Gamblers for the show and time of my life! FUCK YEAH! Those boys know rock n’ roll! Also thanks to Becca for letting me crash in her apt. for a night! :) Tonight I’m headed to SF to see Blonde Redhead...but no drinking tonight, no no no!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

We're supplying the commercial breaks fro a live presentation of The Twilight Zone this Friday and Saturday. We've chosen Unwanted William and a new skit that's a PSA for, well for nothing really. It's just a pointless little monologue about NOT having genital herpers set to the rythm of a PSA. That'll be on Friday. Then on Saturday it's Unborn Billy and Unwanted William.
We're gonna stay the night in the theatre where we're performing, or if we're too wierded out by the strange sex parties that happen there and the possible resulting carpet stains, we'll stay at a new theatre that's opening around the corner. Either way I'm really excited about getting out of town for the weekend. Usually we drive into SF (a 2 to 3 hour drive depending on traffic) and we drive back out. It'll be so great to wake up in one of my favorite cities, have a cup of Joe with my troupe mates, go do some record shopping, eat some falafal, have a good time. It'll be Miles, Becca and Myself. Maybe we can find a way to get arrested! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

The incredible weather continues. I surprised the girl with a picnic yesterday. Some olives, a loaf of rosemary bread, stinky cheeze, some hummus for me, green apples, and some cheeze cake for desert. We went and sat by the river somewhere around Hood. Just gorgeous.

I'm still feeling excited about the CD. I think this project will expand our fan base way beyond california and allow us to do some travellng. Got I love going to other cities and performing. It's such a great feeling sitting in some other town sipping your coffee and knowing your art put you there.

We are of course having our disagreements about what to put on the CD. Miles and Ben really want D'Harlen on there, but I don't know if it will work in this format. I feel it's more visual than anyone realised, Miles and Ben being very physical actors. We're working on a re-write so we'll see what happens. Disagreements in this troupe tend to be pretty mellow. Unlike the early days when there was some vicious fighting the troupe gets along pretty well for the most part. Not to say feelings don't get hurt or that emotions don't run high, but there's no sarcasm and name calling and all that BS. It gives me a nice feeling of stability.
Of all the CD re-writes I am most excited about Yuppie Birth. It's the most re-written of all the skits but I think it's a good solid piece of story telling and it moves really well despite being pretty long. We're taking a big chance doing long skits. Naked Man is almost 15 minutes!!! I have to believe that there is an audience out there with an attention span. I also feel the keep it short rule is less applicable when you're telling a story and developing characters and doing more than just going for every cheap gag that you can squeeze in.

The News and Review was supposed to be doing a big story on us and Carry Rodda had already started writing it but it got scrapped. Someone at the N&R head quarters decided that Becca, who works there, being in the troupe presents a conflict. We had booked our April show based on news that this article would run. Hopefully The Bee will give us some press. We do pretty well at building an audience either way and our last few shows have done fine so I'm not sweating it too hard.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

All is right with the world. The weather here in California is INCREDIBLE. It's feels like a nice mild summer AND IT'S ONLY MARCH! The CD is coming together GREAT! Ben and I presented the Radio re-writes to The St. Simon 3, so they could start on the music and they realy like the material. We had 'em giggling and they are uber enthusiastic about doing the CD and working with us more after as well. I've been writing like crazy, I'm reading a GREAT book on the rebel comedians of the 50s and 60s and I'm feeling all right.

It's gonna be a scramble to get our "commercials" ready for the onstage Twilight Zone at Spanganga next week but scramblin is what we do. Woo hoo.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

CLICK HERE everyone, so you can all do the Kenya Lion and Tiger dance! Yay!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Amber, those are some crazy red eyes in that photo! "All the better to see you with, my dear." Unfortunately, I drank all the vodka before the party and had a headache throughout. I only had two drinks at the monkey bar with Miles, but I think they were stronger than your average cocktail. That'll teach me to go to the Monkey Bar. They probably put headache pills in the drinks of all the unhip people, so we'll feel sick and go away before the cool people show up. Anyway, Keith, I'm sorry I didn't do the Kenya lion dance with you. I'll make it up to you tonight at rehearsal. I even have your present! I had it shipped "UPS three day select" six days before your party. I guess "select" means UPS selects which day they feel like delivering it to you.
And, in case anyone cares, I'm still working out at the Y damn near every day. On the machines! I'm even thinking of braving the weight room, but I'm scared. Anyone want to spot me?

Monday, March 08, 2004

Here’s a picture from Keith’s uber rad birthday party from this weekend ‘KEITHS BIRTHDAY GIRLS GONE WILD!!!!!’ Thanks for the killer party Keith, sorry I think I drank all the vodka.

Friday, March 05, 2004

It's my birthday. I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight and then tomorrow I'll be hanging out with some funny friends who will be treating me to some presents and snackies. Yes, I just said snackies. On Sunday I'm heading to San Francisco to see Killing My Lobster's new show. The writer and Director Andy Miara did a skit with us at the Sketchfest and wrote to invite us to the KML show. He said he found us to be quite funny, and coming from him that is oh so flattering. He's rather brilliant you see.
I'm excited putting together the CD, and the DVD is looking better. At first I was sure the footage we shot was useless and we weren't going to be able to sinc the sound we got either so I figured oh well, we learned a lesson. But Bob has shown me the footage from the other camera and we've listened to the sound off of the camera mics, and we'll be able to get a decent package out of it. At least, it will capture what it is we do, and what we do, I believe, speaks well for itself.
Exciting times though it feels weird to not have a buttload of shows booked like usual. As soon as we're done recording we'll put together some release party shows. Yay.
Now I must quit typing and go on a super date with my super fiance.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I would like to announce that today, for possibly the first time in my life, I did what can be called, "WORKING OUT." I don't mean my usual bare-footed yoga postures, I mean putting on my dorky crosstrainers and walk/jogging to the Y for a cardio workout on actual gym machines. I reckon about two more months of this habit oughta have me looking trim just in time for bikini season. Yeow! Anyway, I'm feeling excessively proud, so I thought I'd post.
I'm also proud of Amber for scoring the kickass Grandaddy interview at the Crest last night and proud of Keith for writing some cool shit for our upcoming audio CD and proud of everyone else for just making it to spring with their happiness intact. The birds are singing! The trees have buds on them! We made it! Yahoo! (Jeez. I oughta do cardio more often.)

Monday, March 01, 2004

Ahhh, the academy awards. I watched them with Robert ( and Linda Berry. The performance of the tune from Triplets of Belleville was great. And Peter Jackson referencing his earlier films Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles, two films you don't expect to hear mentioned in polite company, was nice. Billy Crystal was pretty boring, though his impersonation of Robin Williams was smack on. Jim Carrey was on a nice high. He was as bad as I've ever seen him. Blake Edwards was hillarious, pulling off a stunt wherein he crashed his wheelchair into a wall and then came wandering out to tell strange pointless stories. The Berry's have TIVO so we started late, watching on a delay and were then able to fast foward through much of the show. The only way to watch TV.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yeah, the rain was incredible yesterday. It was blowing sideways so hard that it started coming in the seams around my window air conditioner and pooling on the floor. A tree fell over on my neighbor's car and palm fronds and branches were crashing all over the place in Midtown. I was scared to walk to work, with all the trees whipping about, but I had to get there. I took an all-alley route - less trees, but way more power lines. I guess it was a gamble either way. Anyway, today's rains seem docile by comparison.
Tonight the cast of ICBINC is headed to the Stoney Inn to see the cast of Free Hooch Comedy Troupe perform their one-hour improv comedy show. I've never seen an entire Free Hooch show, so I am excited. They're all such nice kids! So if anyone out there in cyberland wants to join us, we'll be at the Stoney Inn on Del Paso Blvd. at 8pm. Tickets are $5. See you there!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

IT'S RAINING BUCKETS! The rain just keeps coming down. We lost power at work, so I'm home. There are trees down all over the place.
Hopefully we keep our power at home. This is great cuddle with my sweetie and watch a movie kind of weather.
The experts are predicting gorgeous weather all next week. I hope they're right.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

So, I was working at Greta's. Great place. I worked with John McCrea of Cake (and Shawn McFessel, an early Cake base player) some great artists, as well my future Fiance, Bryna. I worked in the kitchen, mostly dishes. We'd all take turns playing music and I was introduced to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, lots of great techno. I loved it. So, my turn comes, and knowing these guys aint too up on their hip hop I bring in some Urban Dance Squad. Joolie, one of the bakers decides she doesn't want to hear it and shuts it off. Now this pisses me off. I listened to her cheezy music plenty o' times, and I felt she was just dismissing UDS because they were hip hop without realy listening. It wasn't her I was interested in playing the stuff for, but I expected her to give me the same priveledge everyone else got. So, I turned the music back on. Joolie hit eject and THREW my tape across the kitchen, where it landed under a refridgerator.
That's my personal property. I told her off. I complained to Greta. When Greta didn't fire her on the spot I implied I might have some fun with some of Joolie's personal property. Did I mention I was pissed?
SO, that was, um..., let see, 13 years ago. I hadn't seen Joolie since, UNTIL...
This girls bagging up my groceries at Trader Joe's says I know you. I didn't recognize her and asked how she knew me. From Greta's she answered. I read her name tag. Joolie! Oh man. I didn't want to see her again. 13 years have passed, and within 45 seconds of running into me Joolie says, Hey, I was a real bitch to you once and threw your tape across the kitchen. I'm sorry I did that.
! ! !
Wow. My soul is a little less full of hate. The big ball of crap I carry through my dung beetle life is a bit lighter. Not just that SHE brought it up, but that it had weighed on her. That she grabbed the first opportunity to say she was sorry.
Thanks Joolie.
You're alright with me.
Even if you spell your name funny.
Yeah, dinner at Spag Fact was fun. I hope Miles tipped. The audio CD is shapping up to be pretty cool. I hope to start recording in May. We'll have to see how this meshes with all of our OH SO BUSY, schedules.
We should have hip one inch ICBINC buttons soon. Wahoo! And after that, STICKERS! mmmmmmm Stickers.....

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hey ICBINC cast! Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at the Ol' Spaghetti Factory tonight! (That's right, readers... we comedy movers and shakers have our business meetings at only the most exclusive eateries.) To avoid fist fights, we'd better just ask for extra garlic butter up front!
And don't forget, next Thursday we all have a date to see the Free Hooch Comedy Troupe at 8pm at the Stoney Inn. See you there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Yeah, that's the guy. Sorry the photo is out of focus, but he wasn't all that focused to begin with. What a great fella. He was enjoying himself, and when I lost my car keys he was quite helpful as well, but that may have been because a bunch of attractive ladies sat at the table we had been at making searching for keys quit a good time.
Here's some pipctures from this past weekends ICBINC shows in SF! A special thanks to 'The Strokes' look-alike at the Beauty Bar who made my day! :) As well as our uber funny hostess at Cha Cha Cha's! We love you SF!!!!!

IHATEHAVINGAJOB! I know I'd hate not having one too, but selling the majority of your waking hours away sucks. Must start record label and become my own boss. Yes!
We went to Cha Cha Chas before our show. It's a restaurant on mission. We had tired of the snootiness at the place we usualy go to. The wait at Cha Cha Chas was over and HOUR! Knowing we couldn't wait that long and would have to split I jokingly asked the host if it was personal, if he just wanted to get rid of us.
"Well, the moustache is kind of slimey" he told me.
I'll shave it off, I offered, not missing a beat.
"You shave that moustache off and I'll put you at the top of the list."
So, a trip to the convenienc store on the corner, a one dollar razor, and we were sat, moustacheless, in five minutes.
That host guy was great. Everytime he passed our table we'd cheer him. After awhile he sat down with us and pitched an idea for a skit. Maybe next time we're in SF we'll put him on stage.
Amber got his picture so we'll put up here soon.
Fun times.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Well I'm not the first to hit the blog after the weekend but I ain't the rotten egg either! Whew-thought sure I would be...

Saturday at Spanganga was the best of the run with an enthusiastic audience (special thanks to the "Oh My God" lady) and an impromptu performance by Sacramento-the band! I was so hyper after the show (boosted by Sacramento's set) that I chattered poor Bryna's ears off all the way home.

We've been invited to perform at Spanganga at the end of March at their live "Twilight Zone" shows. ( and are gearing up for a bunch of exciting new projects. No peace for the wicked little ICBINC'ers.

Oh my gosh! I'm not the rotten egg! I don't even have a computer at home, so I have to wait until Monday to blog after a show. Still, I'm the first one! Ha! Ha!
We had an awesome Valentine's Day. Xeno and I went to city hall to see the hundreds of couples lining up to get married. Some wore wedding dresses or "groom to be" signs. Many had their children with them. Nearly everyone carried flowers and a few even handed out chocolate hearts. Inside, couples were getting married six at a time on the balconies of the rotunda. You could see them kissing and saying "I do." When a couple would emerge on the street waving their marriage certificate, everyone burst into cheers. You can see photos at on Xeno's daily blog. Later we went to the beach and the Japanese Tea Garden and did some other romantic things.
The show that night was fun. We had a boisterous crowd who laughed loud. One woman even kept saying, "Oh my God!" during the skits and cracking us up backstage. As we were packing our stuff at the end of the night, Sacramento the band walked in with their instruments and played a concert in Spanganga! It was the place to be, so I hope you were there...

Friday, February 13, 2004

I'm so happy we'll be spending Valentine's Day in San Francisco! The city has legalized gay marriage and couples are flocking to the city to tie the knot. The city clerk's office will stay open on V-day to issue marriage licenses. Some couples from Sacramento are coming down to get married over the weekend! I've been looking at all the AP photos on-line of happy people kissing, just so overjoyed to marry one another. San Francisco truly is the city of love this weekend! (Yes, I know the opposition has already filed an injunction... but the courts can't hear it until Tuesday and so many people will be married and on their honeymoons by then! La la la!)
I was a little skeptical about spending my Valentine's weekend performing at Spanganga instead of enjoying some fabulous nookie with my lover... but not anymore! I'm so thrilled to be bringing the art I love with the friends I love to the people of this awesome city who are standing up to the U.S. government for love's sake. I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all! Romance is alive and well! Come to the show this weekend and laugh with us! Hugs and kisses for every single one of you!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

YAY! I'm not the rotten egg.
The SF shows are going fairly well. It's a hard town to promote from here and I've not been successfull at finding someone to flyer and poster for us. Being at The Sketchfest helps and gives us some name recognition and we have some members of the media coming next weekend, which won't help for this run, but we'll wow them, as we always do and they'll write about us next time.
The Saint Simon 3 is indeed a great match, they soundtrack us very well. The audiences are having a good time and so are we.
I left my damn cell phone charger in SF at my friends Shannon and Aian's house. What kind of mover and shaker can I be without my cell phone? My god?
Sid is of course the egg that sits stinking, rotten through and through, and Sid is of course a beautiful person.

Friday, February 06, 2004

It's 4:10pm on Friday. 1/2 of ICBINC is already in the van on the way to San Francisco. The other half will be leaving within the hour. Tonight is the first of four shows at Spanganga and we are READY! Are you?
See you at 10pm...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

We rehearsed with St. Simon 3 last night and, oh yes, they were amazing. Now you all know how much I love (and currently sleep with) our last troupe musician, Xeno, and how sad I was to see him leave the troupe. You'd think I'd be skeptical of the band replacing him (especially since they haven't agreed to sleep with me), but they are such excellent musicians! The St. Simon 3 wrote original new music that makes watching ICBINC skits as cool as watching MTV, back when they actually showed videos. Except none of us have Flock of Seagulls hair or stobe lights or anything. And there's a plot. And jokes. And no Martha Quinn, but you get the idea.
But really, the band has added a lot to this already hilarious show. You really don't want to miss all this brilliance, do you? Not to mention, Miles has promised to wear a speedo on stage, instead of his usual boxer briefs. A little something for the ladies...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Guess who's got an exciting audition this week? That's right! Amber's booty (and the rest of her) is up for the part of the lady who reads the winning lotto numbers as the ping-pong lotto balls roll down the shoot on Wednesdays and Saturdays! Amber might be the new Lotto Lady! I don't know why this excites me so much. I don't even play the lottery.
Hey, maybe if Amber becomes the lotto number reader and someone wins a jackpot, they'll be so grateful to her they'll send her a million dollars and then, because she loves us, she'll take the entire ICBINC troupe to a tropical island, where we will become tan and relaxed and live in little huts by the sea, but we'll entertain the tourists at night at a big hotel and people will fly from all over the world to see us and then, one day, when we're all tired of eating nothing but lilikoi and macadamias, some theater bigwig will catch our show while on vacation and say, "You must travel around the world spreading your unique brand of Not Comedy! Oh please, let me fund your world tour!" and we'll pack our bags and see the world while uniting humanity with our incredible humor and the world will be in peace and everyone will become vegan and the hole in the ozone layer will heal and someone will finally invent a decent sugarfree chocolate and we'll all be happy ever after.
So good luck, Amber, on your Lotto audition!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

So after last nights post I went to pick Bryna up from The Crest. She was working as an usher and Gallager was performing. Wow! He's gotten so bad. People will dispute this, but at one time he was a fairly decent comedian. He gave in to the idiots who just kept screaming for his sledgematic shtick with the watermellon smashing and now he's just and angry, bitter, tired old man going through the motions.
Andy Kaufman chose not to take the easy cash of doing endless Latka (Foreign Man). It seemed a bad career move at the time but he would never have earned the bizarre place he holds in comedy history if he'd given in.
And Jim Carrey (who I'm not a big fan of) was on his way to being the next Rich Little when he decided he didn't want to spend his life doing impressions.
You got to believe in what you're doing, sometimes even when the audience is cheering for something else.

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ah, the glamourous life of a skit comedian. It's Saturday night and I'm finishing up some one month overdue paperwork for a job I don't have anymore. I should be in SF promoting.
I'm in a strange mood. I just read Disco Blood Bath and I'm actually pining for the days of reckless abandon. I like the stage of my life I'm at, and I don't want to go back, but I suppose it's okay to miss the past, like missing an old friend.
God, I had so much energy back then. People think I have a-lot now, but my GOD I could just run non-stop in my teens and twentys. I get more done now. I'm just so damn efficient.
I'm listening to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and also to The Birthday Party, Nick Cave's first band.
My new job's working out. I like working with Allen (Gallery Horse Cow). And it feels good to FINALLY be done with my old job. My new job won't follow me home. Much less pressure. It's less career oriented too, but I don't need a career. Comedy's a career. And it feels like it's going somewhere. It's moving. We just have to keep it moving. So far so good. We keep topping ourselves, but damn it's a long climb.
I think after these next THREE WEEKENDS of shows we should all sit down again and talk about what's on top of that hill.

I watched Triplets of Belleville at The Crest and I highly reccommend it. I also just watched a bunch of Buster Keaton, and a documentary on the Marx Brothers that I cried most of the way through. I always cry when I watch the Marx Brothers and I have NO idea why. Hmmm.

Monday, January 26, 2004

It's important to watch a lot of bad television comedy if you want to be a comedian. Hours upon hours of it is highly reccomended. The worse the better.
Boy am I tired! Amber, KLJ and I went to San Francisco last night to catch a little more of the Sketch Fest and flyer up some of those comedy-lovin' folks in the audience. I'm normally shy about handing people flyers, but last night I developed a rush-and-tackle delivery that worked pretty well. People had to zig zag and weave like jackrabbits to avoid me, and most didn't have the energy. That was the most athletic endeavor I'd engaged in since high school gym class! Now I ought to be in shape for Amber's roller skating birthday party next Friday.
We saw Beer Shark Mice and the Red Shirt Freshmen - both LA-based long-form improv troupes - hosted by two members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. And we got in free, for being performers in the festival. Yeah, we're connected. :)
Of course we didn't get home until 1:30 am. I slept through my yoga class and now I'm preparing to sleep through an evening of bad WB television...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Oh, and let me add, The St. Simon 3 have been working with us and will supply the sound tracking at our SF shows and our back in Sac shows.
The music is really coming together, and I hear tell of another Naked Man song in the works!
I know I'm biased, but Becca's cover story in the N&R has been one of my favorite reads in this weekly thus far. Great job Becca.
So, we're all trying to get to SF as much as possible to promote our new shows. I've sent Michael Vav some posters and flyers via Horse Cow express. Amber and I are supposed to head to the city by the bay today.
We're looking to book time to record our first CD and while we're at it, we're laying down the audio for our first animation. Kendall Smith, a Spike and Mike regular, will be doing the animation.
We're working hard to get our video demo edited and we just booked a return trip to Sacramento where we'll be playing The Gallery Horse Cow again, February 20th and 21st.
Woowee, staying busy.
The News and Review decided we are still press worthy despit having recruited one of their writers into our troupe, and so Carey Roddah is putting together a story on us which should run right before the Sac shows.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The latest News and Review is on the stands! It's also at Go on! Read it. You'll like it.
Also, you literary types should know that Cookie Kloss and I will be at the Luna's Cafe open mic night at 8pm tonight, reading some poetry. I've got some brand new, tell-all nonsense that no one's heard but my cat. Come down and say hi, right after you read my cover story.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I JUST HEARD A NIRVANA SONG...IN A COMMERCIAL. WTF? I am furious. For real. Whoever owns that song, and allowed this is the devil.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Oh jeez. Remind me to think twice when Francois Fly offers me an acting job! Francois asked me to accompany him to a shoot in Fair Oaks last night for an upcoming episode of Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia ( My character was a bimbo with one line. (Yes, it was a breakthrough role for feminism.) So I broke out the shiny gold pants I've only worn at the Trash Film Orgy, crimped my hair and set out to be a star.
It started out cheerily enough, with Mr. Lobo directing and Francois doing that nervous, eyeball-cleaning twitch he does. Then they broke out the sugar. It was supposed to be a sleezy party scene, and what is a fly's drug of choice? Refined C&H pure cane sugar! I ate sugar from a box over and over while we reshot this one scene. And I NEVER eat sugar. At all. I was so dizzy afterwards, I didn't have to act when my character crashed from a sugar high in the next scene. I just laid there while Francois ranted to the camera, wishing I had some actual food to balance my blood sugar levels.
And the whole sordid spectacle is on video! Luckily, no one I know has access to the UPN network in Virginia or Lousiana where the show airs. And you won't tell, will you?
Saturday afternoon I went to the Red Tape music video film shoot, a few of us Short Bus staffers went, it was so much fun! It was crowded and a lot of familiar faces in the music community were there, great to see the support! It went so well and I had a blast! Here's some pics from it below, one is of Red Tape (duh) one of a stage divin' fan and one of Robyn (from Rant Magagine) and I. Red Tape is one of the best bands out in Sac currently...and the nicest dudes...check 'em out

love and mosh pits;

Saturday, January 17, 2004

HA HA! My friend Johnny, from Sac Cacophony just called me on his cell phone and let me listen as he and his cacophonous buddies drove by Goldie's Adult Super Store yelling "Who's buying porn?"
This is of coursed based on the stories of sweet little Amber Kloss doing the same thing and then giggling all the way home. Congrats Amber, you've started a tradition. Johnny is the fourth person to tell me of doing this after seeing our show. I wonder how many more folks are shoutin' it out.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Diagram A) Amber and Miles at Lipstick ....(sumptin' wrong there Miles?)

Diagram B) Miles, Amber and Flossy (of Quitter) at Lipstick....(a moment when Flossy was explaining to me that I needed to 'speak up' not because the club was loud, but he couldn't hear me over my LOUD red lipstick)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I nominate Ben and Miles for the rotten egg lifetime achievement awards on this blog. I blog all the freakin' time, yo! But yes, I had to be the rotten egg today so I could rush to work and deliver draft #2 of MY FIRST EVER COVER STORY FOR THE NEWS AND REVIEW to my editor. It comes out on Thursday the 22nd everybody! Be sure to pick one up, so the bosses will say, "Wow! When Becca writes a cover, it just flies off the stands!"
But enough about my job - how about that Sketch Fest? What a time! That was the first time I ever got to see sketch comedy outside of us, Free Hooch and all the guys on TV. I was impressed - especially with Ludlow and Canal - but I was happy to see that we held our own - and then some! "She" was a perfect opener - quiet and unexpected, with the punchline that never fails. I now think "Unborn Billy" truly is comedy gold. People just can't stop cracking up through that whole skit, and it's not subject matter I've ever heard in anyone's comedy routines before. Yay, us!
I was trying to act out Ludlow and Canal's film-into-theater skit at work this morning for Irina and she kept looking uncomfortable. Turns out the owner of the company was behind me showing one of our new employees around. I was running and spinning and doing the whole bit. Oh well. If I was the new employee, I'd think, "Hey! It can't be all bad here if the workers burst into spontaneous dance routines in the hallways..."
Shoot, I got home and started to blog and decided I was too delirious to post. Now I'm the god damnned rotten egg!

The Sketchfest experience was absolutely fabulous. We performed with a bunch of great troupes and the venue was completely sold out! We led off with SHE with me in the main role, performing it for the first time. No pressure (hah!). Thanks to KLJ for that vote of confidence. It went over great, lulled the audience into a trance then hitting 'em with the punch. Oh Yeah! Then we slid into UNBORN BILLY which knocked their socks off then closed with MILES BIG SURPRISE. Always great to end on a musical number and this one is a gas!

Thanks to Candance for coming all the way to SF to see us and for hanging in there to the bitter end at the taping session on Saturday. That kid's got Moxie!

I'm feeling like we're really starting to break into SF. The Spanganga run is gonna rock. The timing on the Sketchfest couldn't have been better for publicity. Everyone got a little taste of the ICBINC magic and now they want more. We had many requests for our posters and flyers, now that's flyering gold.

Hah-I do believe that Becca is now the rotten egg.
More kind words from an ICBINC fan....awwww shucks!
Hey Amber!! wow the show was hilarious! You made a great feminist pizza
porn star and not a bad dyke either! Thanks for inviting me, let me know
when the next time something like this goes down!
OH IT'S GREAT! We did really well at the sketchfest. I don't know if any of the big shot performers were there from SNL and what not, but the place was sold out. Thanks to Uphill Both Ways, The Disclaimers and, my new heroes, Ludlow and Canal. They were great folks to perform with and it was really and honor to share the stage with them.
It's awfull late for a boy who works at 7 AM!!!
Good night.
Sid's a rotten egg.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Todays the big day. Today! ICBINC performs in the SF Sketch Comedy Festival ( I'm excited and nervous as hell!

There's going to be some really awesome people in the audience tonight, cast members from SNL, Comedy Central, Scrubs, some actors from Best in Show....and more! I'm really confident about the skits were going to be presenting, they are our more edgiest unique voice is still a little hoarse from Saturday's show, but I've been drinking throat coat and will sleep on the way.

We'll all be loading up the 'band bus' and heading to the city at 3:00 tonight to knock some socks off! Then in Feb we've got 2 weeks of shows in SF, can't wait!!!! I spoke with Charles at Capitol Garage the other day and he wants us to perform at Cap Garage with Xenophilia, but if they can't I'd love to get some fun bands to play a bill with us, I think that would be awesome!

I'm secretly dying to go back and perform in LA, LA is always good to us and we always sell out, and then of course there's Venice Beach where we all 'practice' our skits before the show and eat at Mau's and stay the night in the Jim Morrison apartment over looking the ocean...damn that was a fun time, I really hope we go back in the spring...are you listening KLJ! Let's do it! Let's go back to the M Bar or Knitting Factory and play again!

I've been practicing my go-go dancing so I think I'm going to be golden for tonights show!

'YAY! Santa brought me an unborn Billy doll!!'

Monday, January 12, 2004

Hell yeah!!! Saturday night was unbelievable, a big thanks to all who came out as our laugh track.....I didn't think we were going to get such an overwhelming response to the show, the line went all the way down K street and if you didn't get there before 9:00, you couldn't get in, I felt so bad as we turned away about 200 people and a lot of my friends didn't get to see the show, bummer.

Yup, as Keith mentioned below there way a great crowd of other artists/ local faces who came out, Supermodel Suicide, Mister Metaphor, Quitter, An Angle, The Snobs, Red Tape, Diciembre Gris, Mallrats, Cake, Cary Rodda, David Houston, Charles from Cap Garage, Mark Halverson, writers from Short Bus/ Rant/ Alive and Kicking, Robert Berry of, RetroRandy, Paul Imagine, local actors, The Free Hooch Comedy's always nice to have artists in the audience! :)

Now, my voice is completely gone and hoarse from all the talking, laughing, drinking, no sleeping....and a big thanks to Mickie for hosting the after party drink fest at his place afterwards! :) I just hope I'll have my voice back for our big show this Wednesday for the SF sketch fest! :O

Below I thought I'd share some nice words from my pal Matt Ferro (Supermodel Suicide)
first off...sacramento was hilarious. led zepplin cover and a misfits
cover. amazing. you couldn't ask for a better "warm up" act.
second - there was a ton of people who were turned away
actually....i believe lisa and me got the very last two tickets.
we totally enjoyed the show! my fave skits would have to be the urinal
skit, the pony skit and unborn billy doll. i think that was the best
one just cause it was the "edgiest" of all the skits....and thats how
i like it. shit was fun though! thanks for inviting us though! we had a great time. your "leader" i think his name is keith lowel jensen or something, reminds me a little of scott thompson. in looks and the way he acts.
-Matt Ferro

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yep. Quite a night. The fan club was out in full affect. I'm so friggin' tired. The taping went until 1:30 am and then clean up and shmoozing and what not. I knew this would run long. I'm soooo glad we decide to cut Jesus Christ CEO or we'd have been there until 4 am.
Great audience though. Mark Halverson, the writer who gave us the 'Best Of' nod from the News & Review came out to the show with a bunch of friends, Robert Berry of was there with his lovely wife Linda and our pal RetroRandy, who really hates that I call him RetroRandy. Poster artist Paul Imagine made it out. Chris & Michelle, Johnny and Amalia all came out. Johnny is the founder of the Sacramento Cacophony society and Chris and Michelle build tesla coils and blow stuff up. Some folks from The Free Hooch Comedy Troupe came out. The guy from Quitter, I forget his name, but he came out and talked with him for awhile aftewards. Really nice guy. Diciembre Gris came out. I love those guys. The two brothers in the band are from a family of five boys, just like me. Irina, the graphic artsist that makes us look so good on our posters and flyers was there, but of course she was since her husband was one of the filmmakers. I'll have to get links up to the filmmakers websites. They're the best.
Thanks to everyone who came out.
Holy Crap! I just got home from our taping of "Live at the Crest"! What a night! The troupe was on, on, on! Everything just clicked, the audience was great and it all just felt so electric. We turned away soooo many people. We could have filled the room twice over easy. Once again I spent all day sick with nerves, pacing around wondering why I put myself through this only to be reminded that I do this because this is one helluva troupe and one helluva show.

Thanks to Nate, Bob, Dave, Bill (smoochy), Tony, Jen, Loren, Mickie and my little princess of puke Heather who stayed to the bitter end.

I sleep now.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Okay, so I've had a chance to call most of the troupe and tell them, now I can tell the random stranger who may be reading this.
I just got back from Vegas.
My mom sent Bryna and I there for our tenth anniversary of bein' a couple.
I asked Bryna to marry me.
She said yes.
We're engaged.
Becca wrote "Xeno and Miles' son, Gabe" which is pretty crazy. I didn't even know that Miles and Xeno had a kid together. Hmmm? Pretty cool.
HOLY SHIT, Amy Anne's gonna be there!
WOW! That's so GREAT!
I just talked to my longtime friend Bill who lives in Seattle. He's coming to our peformance at the SF Sketch Fest! From three states away! We'd better be funny! Wait... what am I saying? We're always funny!!!
Xeno's birthday party was the best! We went ice skating at the Downtown Rink. Though the staff assurred me there would be an Elvis' birthday celebration that day, when we got there they were just playing the usual Top 40 lineup. At least I got to hear that Milkshake song everybody's always talking about. Now I'm hip.
There were about 10 of us on the ice and I'm proud to report nobody fell. Xeno and Miles' son, Gabe, were first-time ice skaters and they were more stable than most of us - except Ms. Amber "Dorothy Hamil" Kloss who did spins and turns on the ice. Later, our party grew and we packed into the oh-so-popular Mikuni Sushi and consumed $300 worth of fish and rice and saki. A few brave souls stayed up late for (vegan) cake and ice cream at my house. Ben and Shelly brought Xeno an alien-in-a-jar lamp, which lent an eerie glow to the night's finale.
We were graced with the company of many celebrities last night - including burlesque dancer Cherry Malone, filmmaker Bob Moricz, musician William Mylar, Short Bus editor Chris Acosta and a 6-months-pregnant Amy Anne! She's definitely glowing! Xeno convinced her to join him at Saturday's ICBINC show to sing a few numbers (including the Naked Man theme song!)

And for those of you still on the fence about attending tomorrow night's show at the Crest, let me just say that my new Atomic Girl costume is all skin-tight spandex... except for the see-through mesh part. Look out!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Just so Amber's posts do not mislead, we are not all drunk crazy girls. I'm never drunk, rarely crazy and only part girl.
Amber skipped the rough teenage years of drinking and drugs so she's making up for it now. Ah god bless her. Someone has got "go wild" and I say better she than I.
KEITH - WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DECADES? If you don't answer me soon, I'm wearing a black coat, black pants and a black ski mask for every single skit in Saturday's show.

For the record, I did not "go wild" as Amber would have you believe. I was home in my jammies by 9:30pm. On a Friday night. But yes, I did have some of Amber's special cocktails. Looks like airplane toilet water, tastes like an Otter Pop! Mmmmm! And yes, I did have fun! Thanks A.K.! (I guess it was a good day... I didn't have to use my AK.)

P.S. Henceforth, this blog shall be named "I can't believe it's Amber's trunk with the funk in the junk."
Amber's weekend party log:
Friday night: Had a pre-short bus show at my house with over a dozen rock stars (Quitter, The Snobs and Mister Metaphor) I got my party on, I got Becca to drink I think 3-4 of my specialty martinis---BECCA GONE WILD! I somehow crammed nearly 30 people in my apt....then we all walked over to Old I for the show....more drinking, more partying, the bands rocked the house....afterwards I went to a after party...drank some more, and then walked home at like 5:00 am. GOOD TIMES! My favorite part of the night was at the Short Bus show at Old I I went around to everyone in the club and made them hold a sign that said "FUCK SHIT UP!" and took pictures of them! Hee hee!
Saturday night: I went to club Vicious! (check out for more info!) got my dance on, got my drink on....below is a picture of my friends and I from it, WOO HOO! Afterwards me, the DJ Shawn Slaughter and some DJ's from SF and all us went to Eppies for some eats, I was tired and went to sleep at 4:00 am.
Sunday: Slept in, went to lunch with friends, then I went to dinner with a cool boy I met at Lipstick last week, then he impressed me by showing me some very cool episodes of 'Aqua Teens Hunger Force' cartoons....which totally ruled! Went to a friends birthday party, Then I had another Short Bus show at West Coast World wide with my boys from L.A. Bleak December, With Dead Hands Rising and They Came Burning…SO FUN! And I didn't get kicked in the mosh pits! Afterwards Mikey Hood and all the bands and us went to get pizza and beer at midnight….Mikey played Elvis song "Suspicious Minds" on the Jukebox like 10 times that nerd! After that I got to sleep early this time (2:00) YAY!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Mad TV is doing this Plump and Pretty style fashion show and it's just so mean. Two anorexic bitches making fat jokes, included jokes about fat girls crying all the time and being alone all the time while anorexic bitches in fat suits parade around showing the "Fashions". Then they take callers from men who call in and make fat girl jokes. The ladies then degenerate into fat girl jokes of their own.
They make it okay by letting the fat girl make skinny bitch jokes in the end, while wearing her fat suit. She gets some ugly jokes and ends with "I got to go take the junk in my trunk and go work my funk".
We're just so much better than this. SOOO MUCH BETTER. I can't get any inspiration from Mad TV at all, and very little from current SNL. At least NetFlix has Mr Show episodes, and I got my Simpsons and I just ordered some League of Gentlemen and some Gentlemen Prefer French and Saunders. I'll do some reviews after I get 'em.
Man, I can't wait to get some of our good stuff on DVD so we can spread the ICBINC to the masses.