Thursday, April 29, 2004

American Masters . Elaine May | PBS
We're going to see Elaine May next Monday. That is so cool. I hope she'll autograph one of my Nichol's and May records.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Alright, alright already. I'll blog dammit. The Stella show was fun, but it would have been more fun if anyone I knew was there and also if there had been any place to sit down. (My feet started to hurt by the third hour.) The format was three guys in suits (all of whom used to be on that show "The State") doing a sort of three-way stand-up routine. There were no breaks and the topics were all over the place. They were good at the segueways though, because I kept trying to retrace their train of thought in my head and I couldn't really. Some of the highlights: The way Michael Ian Black kept mentioning that he had been on VH1's "I Love the 80s" show, as if he had reached this career height far beyond the other two; the Zots and Crumbles bit (I can't explain it in writing); their analysis of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" ("The Baja Men don't force an answer down your throats. They let the ambiguity stand. Who let the dogs out?"), and the wild and crazy bare-assed simulated sex. Bet you wish you'd gotten a ticket, now! I wish you did, too, cause I was laughin' with myself, laughin' with myself, oh oh oh oh...

Sunday, April 25, 2004

We drove to SF to see the comedy troupe Stella but it sold out and Amber and I were unable to get in. Becca however did get in and maybe she'll post a review here. Maybe. Hint hint. Becca, you reading this?
I was waiting outside The Independent for Becca to get out and I ran into a couple of guys from Kaspar Hauser, one of the organizers of the Sketchfest who is also in Totally False People and also one of the women from Killing My Lobster. It was pretty flattering that they all knew who I was. I feel like we're getting known in SF which is really nice. It can be a hard town to get noticed in.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ah, so it is, I am the rotten egg yet again. Oh what a lowly lot in life to be but an egg, a cholesterol bomb that is frequently devilled. What further torture might I be subjected to? I should not ask such, for life supplies an answer only too soon. To be devilled is indeed too good a fate for this egg, as it is revealed that I shall spend my eternity cursed with rottenness.

Yeah, last night's shows went great. The audience was with us all the way. Some of the folks from Abandon Productions, whoes physical theatre I am a big fan of, showed up. It threw me off a bit, that is to say, I was a bit intimidated by their presence. They seemed to realy like the show. My friend David AKA The Kid FINALLY came out to the show and he brought two pals who were falling off their chairs laughing. Poet BL Kennedy showed up with our mutual pal Linda and they were crackin' up pretty good as well. All in all a good time was had. Better than I expected realy as I've been a bit burnt out from our nonstop schedule as of late. It is nice to know the CD is all we have to worry about for next few months. Well, that and getting the DVD edited.
P.S. Keith, I believe this makes you the rotten egg. Har!
Tonight was ICBINC at it's finest. There are nights when the show just pops, we connect with the audience and the exchange of energy is intoxicating. Tonight was one of those nights. Now we're off to the studio for the recording of our first CD (note I say first 'cause there's sure to be more!). Remember to write if you want to be party of the live audience.

Socko is off to the Bahamas for a well deserved break (he definitely needs some color) and he's hooking up with Toadie in the Hamptons when he returns.

Good night.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The show last night went well. My brother John and my Sister-In-Law Raquel came to the show.They're up from Southern California to see us all before they leave for Australia for two years. They really enjoyed the show. Afterwards we were hanging out in the gallery and some drunk fool banged on the door and asked if he and his girlfriend could come in and party. I told him no because we were closing up and he said well I'm coming in and started to push past me. I called for my brother as he is an ultimate fighter and would handle this guy with ease but drunk guy changed his mind before John even responded and he headed back out to harass other folks. I felt bad for his girlfriend.
Two more shows tonight. Just between you and I, blogger, I'm kind of anxious to get this weekend done so I can turn my full attention to our CD.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hey, I've mentioned my friend Sean Hetherington before. He's a local comedian, only he's increasingly less local as he's getting lots o' out of town bookings. Anyway, he's pretty damn funny and he's got lots of interesting things to talk about. He used to work in the reality TV game in Hollywood, He's beat a weight problem, he's recently come out, and he is realy a robot sent from the future to make sure that the lame ass shit jokes passing as risky comedy these days does not bring about the end of humanity in the near future, but luckily he's not being played by Arnold. So anyway his site's at

Friday, April 09, 2004

Oh man, I had the funnest evening. The Sacramento Bee is doing a little artist profile on me and so they sent a photographer to grab some shots. Well I put on my most fabulous fop get up and headed over to the crest where she got lots of shots of me in front and in the Crest fountain. The pictures in the fountain are hellza funny. The shame of it is, I can only get a copy of the photo they use for the aricle and not all the others. Oh well. What's a boy to do? I put the photo up as soon as I get. If you want to check out my article grab the Sacramento Bee on Friday April 16th.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've been updating my journal and making sure the ICBINC story is well documented. From the day I first said Hey, we should start a comedy troupe that doesn't suck to the day we had to share a dressing room with the ladies of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.
It's a pretty interesting story. And I'm recording it accurately with all the fighting and crying and borrowing each others make up left in. Of course I'm writing it so I come across like an angel.
I've made a new friend. A gal from Germany name of Dani, who is a big Ellen fan found us when she searched the web for Ellen. You may remember that a good friend of ours, comedian Jeff Cosgrave went to Hollywood and ended up Ellen's personal assistant, a member of her writing staff and a regular on her show. She is now the first brick in the foundation upon which our German fan base will be built.
I have a friend named Paul Weller (not the one from The Jam) who live in Germany but sadly, I've lost track of him. Anyway, Dani's website is
. Now I am off to rehearsal, but I'll try to bring you back some donughts.

Friday, April 02, 2004

April Fools gone too far? We aren't realy being flown out to New York by Sub Pop. But Amber has friends that work there, and seeing my April Fools prank she started writing her friends and asking about Sub Pop bring us to New York. Hee hee. Sorry Amber. But who knows, perhaps this will put ideas in their heads eh!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I'm back from Lake Tahoe and gambled away! Good news! I came back about $40 bucks richer and the Caesars host offered me a free hotel/ dinner night! I hear an ICBINC Tahoe trip coming on!!!
HA! Amber is the cover girl at
The 2nd night of Twighlight Zone sold out by 5pm for a 10pm show. Great crowd. We did Unwanted Willy as it's been re-written for our CD and it came out great. We did Suicide Hotline, a new skit written for the CD. Both went over very well.
Miles, Becca and I spent the night in the theatre. I noticed I was sleeping under the lights, which would smash my head and kill me if they fell. So I moved my futon so that falling theatre lights would only smash my hips and render me unable to walk, have sex or go to the bathroom on my own. Only then was I able to sleep.
We went to breakfast at a great place, Ep Tide I think it's called and then we did a wee bit o' thrift store shoppin' before having to get Miles back to town so he could escort his son to a birthday party.
Now we're back to work.