Tuesday, September 30, 2003

FIRED? You was promoted woman!
I can't believe I've been fired from my job as the lighting gal for I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy. I can't believe I'm going to dance on stage with Amber Kloss in November. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Monday, September 29, 2003

I really must apologize for Amber's Foul mouthed ways. I don't know what gets into her sometimes. It's that evil punk rock she listens to.
I too am excited about the photos on Saturday. We're doing some cool creative stuff with the pics and with promotions this time around, including putting together a sort of Street Team (I hate that term) to help with getting the word out.
Drop us a line if you're interested.
And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out www.SactoFly.com. They do a great weekly list and have given us much props. Not that a couple of us are involved in the list or anything. Hush your mouth. They did just get a best of from the News and Review. Best Online Source for What's Happenin'.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

NEVER STOP RAWKING! Tee hee! Wow, I had a great time last night, I booked another one of my Short Bus Presents show at the Distillery last night...the bands fucking rocked my socks off, and my mittens off for that matter!

Minus You got in everyones face, and woke up all the drunks sitting at the bar with their hardcore rock and even did their John Tesh cover...ah I only kid, and all the way from So Cal, -and new friends of the troupe-Bleak December arrived in style driving a sort of Short Bus van...how perfect is that? Again...after each song everyone just kinda stood there like they just got hit by a train...hardcore at it's finest...not to mention their dreamy lead singer Jon, 18 never sounded...or looked so good...

Next was the Nits...members dressed in devil and mexican wrestling masks, loud punk rock, need I say more....always a crowd pleaser!!! Lastly the uber fabulous RED TAPE! As always...fucking up the program! The best part was I didn't have to wear toilet paper in my ears this time, 2 weeks before their show I went to their studio to get a sneak listen on some of the new songs they are working on...and left with blood coming outta my ears....my fault on that part...anyway...they tore the place up....Twig sporting his Short Bus Magazine t-shirt too, awwwww!

Keith Lowell Jensen came to the show and we rocked together and sang to Twig one of his old songs his band played he was in when he was 13..'BORED COPS!' aw i think he liked it!

YAY! Tonight I have another Short Bus presents show, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Dan Atterberry, our Short Bus photographer will be taking our comedy troupe pictures next Saturday for our media shots......he rocks ass!

Friday, September 26, 2003

What's even funnier about Keith being on the front page of Bob Moricz's web site holding an ax is that he looks just like a samurai! Something about the hair...
Yeah, it was fun sleeping on the floor with all of you for one night, but I was glad to have the ol' Econolodge king-sized sleeper for my second night in town. I'm nearly 29 - too old for the uncomfortable parts of punk rock living.
Congrats on the notable urination Sid, KLJ, Miles, Amber and Ben "Come On!" Miller. Leapin' Jesus!
I am so excited about the local shows at the horse cow and especially excited I'll be sleeping in my own bed afterwards...
And oh yeah - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY ANNE!!!!!! (tomorrow) Come wish her love at Xeno's flash mob on Saturday at noon on the west steps of the Capitol. (see www.xenophilia.com/flashmob.htm)

Thursday, September 25, 2003

WE WON A BEST OF. We got, "Best Urinal Sketch". Our skit Team Urinals, from our first show got the honors. We're quite happy.
I can't wait to get some photos from LA up here. We usualy crowd into Brett "Lizard Boy" Wilson's studio apt, but his apt building manager, our pal Mike (from Pygmy Love Circus) let us crash in an apt that had come up empty. I was giggling as I went to sleep on the floor, with nine other people all around me. It was pretty funny. Total Rock and Roll Lifestyle. Miles felt much better about it as he has problems sleeping in Lizard Boy's place with all the reptiles and bugs, including giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches, yum.

We ended up telling ghost stories till 3am or so on Saturday night (or technicaly sunday morning). This meant we didn't get on the road to head home until 1pm, after a late breakfast at The 101, our favorite LA restaraunt. Mmmmm, I can taste that No juevos rancheros now. And when the waitress brings it to the table and doesn't remember who ordered it I love to say, I have No Juevos! On the way home we had dinner at Pea Soup Anderson's and our waiter was realy cool. We gave him a t-shirt and a copy of Short Bus. The rest of the stretch home I made everyone listen to De La Soul's first album Three Feet High and Rising. Damn that's a good album. Well, now I must be off to the day job.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

We had a great meeting tonight. We all talked again about where we're going, where we'd like to be in a year and how we plan to get there. We're going to do a show in Sac in November, like I said, and we're going all out with promotions, more than we ever have before. We're also going to focus on getting our demo shot. I'm meet with the film maker, Bob Moricz to discuss the filming. Click his name there to see his website. It's pretty funny that I'm on the front page holding an ax. Tee hee hee. I want to see more film. Not just the filming of our live shows but actual short films. That's where my main drive is.
The meeting was realy cool though because I get a reminder of just what a great group of people I'm working with. We all realy care about each other and about this artform and we're all realy driven to do the best we can and to find a way to do this full time, to make this our lively hood. I never worry that we're materialistic or overly focused on our careers. I know the art comes first, but we all know what we want to do with our lives and that's a beautiful thing.

Monday, September 22, 2003

We played The Derby! ! !
Sold out crowd! ! !
The new burlesque style stuff that we put together just for this show, including a sort of strip tease magic trick type thing went over well.
I'm looking foward to getting a new show of originals together, and performing in Sacramento again. It's been quite a-while since we've played for the ol' home town. So, that's what we're working on. We should have a new show ready to go by November and we'll do it in Sac, SF and LA. No scantily clad dancing ladies but we should be able to get Ben down to his shorts again.

Friday, September 19, 2003

So here we all are at Sid's waiting for Miles to show up so we can leave for LA. We spend a great deal of time waiting for Miles to show up. He's one of the more successfull of us, what with his fancy degree and high faluting career. I tell ya, if he got over his absent mindedness he'd be downright dangerous, he would. Amber, the sweetie she is, brought me some crazy coffee drink she makes with soymilk and LOTS of chocolate so I'm not too unhappy. This is the reason why we leave early, so that when we end up leaving late we're actualy just on time.
And I have to add, The Birthday Party (feat. Nick Cave) is one of the finest bands you'll ever want to hear. When Punk rock got boring Nick and Co came along and breathed some new filth into the scene. Quite nice.
TODAY WE LEAVE FOR LA! I have no idea how I'm supposed to keep my mind on work today when I will be freaking out about getting our show on the road. We're carpooling down, one van, one car. We're well rehearsed and I'm very excited to be taking this big step. Man this is gonna rock! We're booked for Halloween already and we're working on a booking for November as well. If we get November we'll be doing some of our infamous Holiday material. I want to get a December date in Sac so our traditional Holiday show can continue. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So, as Miles mentioned a few posts ago our beloved Emily is going to take a break from the troupe to decide if this is what she wants to do. The level of success we've reached means we're incredibly busy, but we're not yet busy enough to be making the kind of money that would allow us to leave the day jobs or even to cut back so we end up living with two careers and I can understand wanting to really be sure you want the pot of gold before climbing through any more barbed wire to get to the end of this particular rainbow. HA! I'm a freaking poet.
The GREAT news is Emily will be joining us for a special appearance at our show this Saturday at The Derby. I'm happy about that.
Hopefully Em will sit a show out and then realize she just can't live without ICBINC. Either way, she's so entangled with us since she's my best friends girlfriend now and also my girlfriends bestfriend and she's my former girlfriend and one of my bestfriends. We'll be seeing plenty of her.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I'm back from LA. The trip was a big waste of time and money, I got little done, but what the hell, I had a good time so I don't mind.
I'm anxious about the show. I feel we're totally ready, it's just such a big step with SOOO much possibility. The week of a big show is always hell for me. Headaches, trouble sleeping, that kind of thing.
can't wait to have to go out there and kick the booty.

Monday, September 08, 2003

I'm heading down to LA this week. We'll do a walk through of The Derby, solve any audio amplification problems and figure out the blocking. I imagine we'll do a helluva lot of flyering as well. I can't wait to be doing this show. Many of my comedy heroes did time performing at strip clubs but I figured with the modern day strip club being so lame I'd never get the chance. I do have a couple of friends that DJ at strip clubs, but "Hey guys, let's hear it for Harley and that hot little ass of hers! Does she know how to shake it or what? Alright, we got a great set of tits up next. Let's Make some noise for Summer Rain!" is not my idea of entertaining. That I will get to compete for an audiences attention in between buxum beauties performing real burlesque, why I dared not even dream it! My biography is realy shaping up now. Woo Hoo. It's nerve racking too. Skit comedy is not the usual thing when it comes to burlesque and my original idea was a small show with a bit of burlesque to spice things up. This has ballooned into a much bigger affair, and the skit portion is definately an experiment. I know we can figure out any crowd though, and we've certainly had the practice performing in so many different environments and for so many different crowds. I remember we struggled but then ultimately won over the Sac State Skit Comedy Festival crowd who were much younger than we're used too. I'm sure we'll get these hipsters eating out of our hands. I don't believe there are any troupes in LA playing in this size venue that aren't already doing TV so I'm hoping this will grab us some attention. Fame, here we come.
Why am I so obsessed with fame? Well, I just can't wait to have some creative freedom. To be free from the hours I spend every day working the day job. Fame can be abused in so many wild and creative ways. Give me some fame to futz with and I'll build you a masterpiece.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Xeno's "Defense Against the Dark Arts" essay. Absolutely brilliant. I just skimmed but am already amazed.
Christian Debt Consolidation. Oh my god, I've seen the light. Thank god the money changers are back in the temple at last.
Jebus, I blogged within' two hours of getting home and saw you, barked orders about flyers, and ran money to the Screaming Catfish kids within the first 20 hours I was home. Somewhere in there I also found time to post on Retrocrush.com, jerk off to internet porn and make cuddle with my girlfriend. What more do you want. A soufle and some ho-made beer perhaps. Get off my back Sudden Infant Death or I'll start telling people about you favorite film. You know the cheap Annie Hall rip off to which I refer!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Keith has been back for nearly 15 hours and I've received only one cell call from him and no e-mail! I'm concerned that strange things have happened to our boy wonder while he was out there on the playa and he's turned his back on technology for good. Perhaps all that bootleg Hootie and the Blowfish (and tent sharing with Miles) got to him afterall...
I'm back. I done burnt the man. He all burnt up. I think the event was called Burning Nazi this year because one of the arms didn't work leaving the man with one arm up ala Sig Heil. Pretty silly. Then we got busted for fire works and fined $600.00. Yeah!
I had a great time. Miles and I got to drive one of our friend Carl's Flying Saucer VW Bugs home. It was great having everybody honk and wave and take pictures.
I got to do some time on the megaphone, we started a feud with Dismal, our neighbors on the playa. We sent as many hippies to their camp as we could promising folks that they were gonna be bumpin' some rair Hootie and The Blowfish bootlegs. Dismal then made a stencil with the name of our camp "B-12" and tagged a bunch of shtuff hoping to get us in trouble. Pretty funny. They offered me a ride on their train, planning to drop me at the Trash Fence (verry far from camp) but they were impressed with my heckling so they kept me on the train. I'm all bruised from WRASSLIN'.
If I go back next year my whole purpoise in life will be prankin' on Dismal.
I'll post pictures as soon as I get access to some.
Good to be home. Sid sho nuff took car of business while I was away. Sid takes care of business when I'm here too, but I allways figured she'd fall apart without me calling her 8 times a day and e-mailing her every 15 minutes.
SO, our first LA gig the venue seated 40. Gig number two the venue seated 80-100. Now we're at the Derby and is seats 650. Wow. We're