Friday, December 20, 2002

....tonight is the part 2 in SF comedy show, a new place again, I'm excited and nervous at the same time...AND to top it off, I've been called to the rescue for a fellow actress who won't be able to be in the show tonight to fill in for her --hopefully I can fill her shows, I think she wears about a size 8? Anyway, this time I think we'll get to the club on time, no- I know we will since were giving ourselves 4 hours to get there, should be a real hoot!!!
SF went well. It took us over three hours to get there. We had a great troupe meeting. We just compared notes on our individual reasons for doing this. We're pretty dedicated to taking this thing as far as we can. I'm excited about LA. I had a great couple of phone calls today with someone in Modesto who wants to book us there at a club that seats 250, and with a friend who does shows here in Sac who want to let us split some dates with his productions at a couple of real cool local theatres. It's strange when you get to the state where your art is successfull enough to want more of your time but not yet successfull enough to let you take time away from the day job. SOON...I realy believe we are going somewhere fast.
Auditions on Saturday for an actor for the Best Of Show. I've never auditioned folks before. Should be interesting. Well I just got a DSL internet connection and so I gots lots o' free music to listen to. See ya!

Friday, December 13, 2002

So, tommorows the show in SF! It's raining like crazy here and windy too. In Sacramento wind and rain mean trees fall on cars and houses and such. Hopefully we get to SF and back without death or homelessness striking.
I just saw the Pepsi Blue commercial where the guy does his Slam poem about the drink. OH CHRIST, shoot me now. Subculture is subverted so fast. I recconciled myself to the fact that even artists I like are now selling their songs to commercials, I didn't even flinch when Pepsi Blue used "Let Me Clear My Throat" the ultimate rap anthem from Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick and Biz Markee in their commercial, but for this dumb kid to compose an original poem about a damn soft drink...SHIVER! The worse part is he's actualy pretty good.
In other news I saw the film "Wilco-I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" tonight. Great flick. This guy thinks he's making a film about Wilco making a fourth album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and he ends up capturing their label droping them after they refuse to change the album, their parting ways with their guitarist/keyboard guy, their being signed by a new label, owned by the same parent company as the label that dropped them. He also shoots some great behind the scenes fights, song writing and producing in progress and fantastic concert scenes.
I definately reccommend checkin' it out, and maybe have some Pepsi Blue too. I hope Pepsi sends me a dollar for that. Maybe I'll write a comedy routine about how much I love Pepsi Blue, though I'm a bit white for the image they're seeking.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Hey Keith-(and gang) I'm looking forward to Spangangas this weekend! Huh, I can't even say Spangangas! Are you going to make us perform in the cold snowy weather like you did when we did Popcorn Anti Theater? Because that wasn't funny, here they had a nice warm place to perform indoors Yet you 'encouraged' us to do it outside....HALF DRESSED! Well hopefully after this weekend I won't go back to Sacramento with pmnumonia again. Huh, I can't even spell pmnumonia! Sigh. Let's hope for the best!
We're heading to San Francisco this Weekend. HURRAH! We've performed in SF before as part of the amazing Popcorn Anti-Theater Bus, performing two skits; Yuppie Birth Scene and Canibal Caper. It was our premeir actualy. We were perched up at Twin Peaks and the Bus pulled in carrying the audience. We'd already been there for like 3 or 4 hours cuzz I'm a freak and wanted to be early in case anything went wrong. So the audience climbs off the bus and we start our skit just as it starts to RAIN. The audience stood in the rain and we finished Yuppie Birth. The audience moves over to where we'd set up for skit two, and IT BEGINS TO FRIGGIN' SNOW! I tell no tales. It snowed on us IN SAN FRANCISCO. Quite a premier let me tell you. The audience still remained, real troopers these folks, dog bless 'em. Amber had to stand in the snow in a shoulderless dress, pretty bad eh? SID HAD TO LIE ON THE GROUND, IN A DRESS, IN THE SNOW!!! Ha Ha. Emily Yay had to dance wearing stockings and a "Cup of Noodles" style "Instant People Cup" costume. It was a great premier and it's exciting to be going back to SF, this time with a full show. Who knows what wacky weather we'll stir up this time.
We've also been invited to participate in Spanganga's "Who doesn't like ASS in December" show. I'll get some details up on the messboard regarding that un right soon.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Welcome to Sid's first attempt at posting to the ICBINC blog in which she will share with you, the reader, her journey to stardom and world domination (or at least her favorite recipes for those cute little
finger sandwiches you find at little kid's birthday parties).
Alright, here's the ICBINC Blog so we Not Comedians can share our oh so important worldview with you. Mostly we'll just post long boring rants about our favorite TV shows.