Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Girl shirts? Hot damn! I can't wait to sport the ICBINC banana on my chest.
Late practice last night. It's our last rehearsal before the SF show this Friday. Bryna (my sweetie and our stage manager) and I went to SF yesterday to sign the contract and tour the venue. What a cool place. I'm really looking foward to the show. We ordered T-Shirts, they'll have the I Banana ICBINC logo that's on the front page of this website. We ordered shirts in Yellow, Gold, Burgundy and all kinds of colors, plus we finally ordered some girl shirts.
I don't know if we'll have them by Friday, but that's our hope.
I'd better go back to work.

Friday, July 25, 2003

One week to go before we return to SF, Then the week after that LA, Pomona and then right back to SF for the Marsh Comedy Festival. We're so busy. If feels good. It'll be nice to have time to work on new material again afterward.
The M Bar, where we're playing in LA, is such a cool place. And the guys from Mr. Show have donw shows there so it's got a decent reputation. I'd love to get written about in LA but it's not likely to happen until we do a longer engagement.
Speaking of longer engagements, we're talking about doing and EIGHT week run in Sac next year. All of May and June at the Geery Theatre. Such a big commitment.
Also, the Sacramento News and Review is getting their "Best Of" issue together. I hope they give some recognition to Comedy Troupes this year. Sac has three now that I know of. Maybe you could drop them a line and suggest they give us some love. Go to

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Trash Film Orgy is big enough to attract some assholes. The fratboy type. Fratboys work so hard at looking mallternative these days, so they blend in a bit, but they reveal themselves when they fling beer bottles at movie screens in beautiful vintage theatres. The kind of theatres that you should feel damn lucky to get to watch Hong Kong trash films in. The audience did a univeral low groan and I think the bottle thrower got the hint real quick that this was most uncool. I am confident that the audience policing itself this way will keep things cool for a while. It's a sad cycle though. You created something cool and you get a fun audience built up and you have a good time. Word gets out and more and more people come have fun. Eventualy you hit critical mass and you the assholes come. The lame fucks that are never there in the early days because they don't do something that hasn't been branded cool. They show up, and the fun is gone. Your creation either becomes some lame sold out version of what it used to be getting uglier and uglier or you say, well screw it that was a fun run and then you shut it down.
Like I said, I think the TFO has quite a few qood years to go, but it sucks that you always know the moronic masses are out there lurking waiting to ruin your thing.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Holy crapola, The Trash Film Orgy was out of control. I took the week off thinking I was going to be out of town. I ended up stuck in Sac, so for the first time ever I went to the TFO as an audience member and just took in the show with lots of heckling, hooting, cheering and booing. Oh man, what a show. Meat wrestling madness, roller girls brawling in front of the theatre and then again in the theatre durring intermission, our Queen of Trash is JUST SO TRASHY. The movie was Faster Pussycat Kill Kill which is a great flick and the audience was the largest audience ever for a midnight film. I tell ya, it's just a matter of time before TFO sells The Crest out at midnight.
It gets weirder and weirder for me, leaving something that's such a success. I still feel that I'm doing the right thing and that I've got to put my energy into what I realy love and not just stick with something because it's a hit. And ICBINC is a hit as well, but Skit Comedy is gonna take much longer to build this kind of crowd. I'm proud of my role in getting The TFO going and in bringing Darin and Christy together with Sid, The Crest, DJ Junior and some of the others that I dragged into this thing.
Miles, Ben and Xeno went to SF Saturday Night to play in the SF Sketchfest showcase, which was also and audition for the Sketchfest, then they hauled booty back to Sac so they could be at TFO. We'll hear soon from the Sketchfest so keep your fingers crossed. We're now booked at the 848 club on August 1st and at the Marsh Comedy Festival in SF on August 15th and 16. The 8th we're in LA and the 9th we're in Pomona, so we're keeping pretty damn busy.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Speaking of TFO, I was at a little Trash Film Orgy practice shindig last night with none other than Amber Kloss, Amy Anne and Britney Spares. It was the blondest part of ICBINC - on wheels! If you want to see those ladies' contribution to this week's movie (filmed in boob-o-rama), I suggest you get on down to the Crest theater on Saturday around 11:30...

Thursday, July 10, 2003

*WOW!* Sid called my new opening monologue "hilarious!" I still think I should introduce Prancer, as well, though! Consistency, folks, consistency! Am I right? Anyway, I'm not attempting to curry favor with my renewed spate of blogging--I am, however, doing it in exchange for this phantom "'10 bucks" Keith seems convinced I owe, we're even-Steven, now, right, KLJ? Oh, and please, all ICBINCers, join Amber and I downstage left (hee-hee; that's theatre talk) in the Heckling Zone for "Faster Pussycat...." at TFO this Sat.! Ben, Xeno, and I will have just returned from our no doubt triumphant showing at the S.F. Sketchfest Showcase.... Represent!! See you all S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y...Night!

P.S.--It's true, Sid; there ARE relatively few of us Persian Jews!
In my endless quest to stay in Keith's good graces and to make sure that I'm his favorite ICBINC'er I am making an attempt at blogging more regularly (plus bribing him with lots of Vegan cookies and an occasional cheese free pizza). Keith's got us lined up for August 8 in LA, August 15 and 16 in SF and perhaps August 1. Where did my life go? Rehearsal was a hoot and Miles' opening monologue is hilarious. I never new he was persian...

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

YAY Rehearsal tonight! But for the Trash Film Orgy, I haven't been on stage since May and I'm gettin' itchy.
The break from Keiths grueling schedule was lovely but, after gettin' a little taste of stage time at the TFO, I'm ready for more, more, more!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

WOO HOO, We're appearing in the SF Sketchfest Showcase THIS SATURDAY and doing well could get us into The SF Sketchfest.
Saturday July 12, 10pm, $5.00 at Spanganga! in San Francisco!

THIS JUST IN! It looks like we're also to be featured at The Marsh Theatre's SF Comedy Festival along with our friend Francois Fly. August 15th and 16th in San Francisco. Please check back soon for more details.

Friday, July 04, 2003

WOW, Miles is a steel drum player! There are no end of surprises with this guy. I knew he and his brother had a band but I figured a retro sorta guitar, bass, drums thing. But no, Miles, his brother shane and another fella put on this opium den showcase with Miles on steel drum, joined by a lute looking thing, a strange ethiopian banjo sounding jobbie, some talking drum. AND THEY COVERED "VENUS IN FURS" by the Velvet Underground!!! I have to say, they play the definitive steel drum version of "Venus in Furs".
Oh man it was great. The club was a bit loud for ther quieter instruments, I'd love to see them in a mellower room, sitting around on pillows, with some bally dancers, and a big hookah in front of me, oh wait I already said opium den.
Xenophilia was great as usual and the Gynas, who closed out the evening were wonderful. They were more rock than punk rock and they ended their set with some rush. They had a great mix of the absurd, the looney and they totally sincere.
The show was organized by our very own Amber Kloss for Short Bus Presents. This is the third show she's done for them and I think she's the only girl in town putting on shows with free cookies at midnight.
All in all a great night. Now I'll celebrate the birth of my country by going to see Acey Alone and Prince Paul at the Colonial. YAY!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

WE GOT BELLY DANCERS! Those of your who have been with us from the beginning will remember that we kicked off show ONE with belly dancers giving the audience a belly dance lesson. Well we decided LA deserved a treat as well so we've line up not one, not two, not three but FOUR belly dancers, with real belly's, none of that imitation crap. This should be a real fun show. We're having a blast rehearsing it. We're also developing some funny shtuff for this here website so that it more accurately reflects our humor. That means check back often.

And hey, while you're here, go ahead and click on the Chicken. It's okay, no one will know. You know you want to. And why shouldn't you? It's perfectly natural. What happen's between you and the chicken is nobody's business but your own, and of course the chickens, but I assure you, he loves it. He does. He told me you click him the best. No, for reals. HE said he hates to go even a day without feeling that slinky white arrow slide over him as you finger lovely carrasses and then presses the left button on the mouse. Oh yeah, you know his magic spot. You're one sexy mother clucker, OH Yeah!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Trash Film Orgy went great. Hey, do us a favor and click the Red Hot Sex link up at the top there. Yeah, click. Ooooh. Yeah, like that. Oh, I love the way you do that. click it again would ya? YES YES YES! YOU'RE SO GOOOOOOD!

Ok, now go check out There's a contact button there so you can tell me what ya think of the new site design. I've done the front page, the resume and the Friends page. The free samples and press pages are gonna take a bit more time.