Sunday, November 30, 2003

Mmmm Mmmm. Waffles from The True Love Coffehouse. I pretended they were vegan. I'm so bad. Amber and I went around midnight and we chatted with Kevin Seconds and Kepi from the Groovey Ghoulies for awhile so we got to feel like cool kids. Alison (Kevin's wife, co-owner of the True Love and band mate) really wants us to perform there which would be great. Hopefully that will happen.
I had breakfast with Amber and Miles and Amy (Mile's cute girlfriend, and my secret crush, don't tell.) And yesterday we all had breakfast with Amber's mom, and Wednesday we all met for coffee. We're seeing too much of each other. It's sickening I tell you. All the love. Yuck.
Not that there's not some horrible uncomfortableness sometimes from having to change gears between being friends and then being director and actors. I often think this would be a better blog if we let ourselves air all that dirty laundry, but who wants to share that crap with strangers. Not I. We love each other enough, I perfer our dirt to be private.

Anyway, I FINALLY updated our cast page so you that our adorable newest cast member is on it. You'll notice Ducky and Jonathon are gone, though I should have left Jonathon on. He did a film for our newest show which means that even though he officialy quit, we still haven't done a show without one of his films in it. He quit because he no longer has access to a DV camera and because he's working a-lot on his own projects, which he's shooting on film. Ducky is gone because the day job just wasn't leaving him time for our crazy schedule, but I'm sure we'll have him as a guest in the future.

I'm up late, very late for me, so now I've got my damned second wind and I don't want to go to bed. Goodnight.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving is over and I still got three more days of not having to work. Verry nice. How great to get the damn holiday out of the way first and then go enjoy the rest of the break.
I saw all my brother, their wives, the many nephews and nieces. We've gotten to be quite a big clan. Then I went to my girlfriend Bryna's family's thanksgiving dinner. Four sisters, one nephew, and uncle, a grandma and a ma. Them girls better start crankin' out the babies if they hope to catch up with my family.
We ended the evening by heading to our pals Johnny Ziptie (he worked lights at our last show) and Amalia's house. We watched Adaptation, more on that later. It was a nice way to end the evening. Now I'm gonna go crash. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Would you believe I met Adam Green? Would you believe I sat in the tour van with the band? Would you believe I was invited to stay at the Phoenix Hotel with the Moldy Peaches? Yes, it's all true. And the sad part is, I was really tired that day and I said no and went home to bed. Just like I did when Amber invited me to go meet the rock stars she ended up hating on Monday night.
Two things - 1) I'm sorry Amber. If I could have switched places so you could have met Adam Green instead, I would have.
2) I sure hope all this sleep I'm getting pays off someday. It's sure not livening up my social life or clearing up my complexion.

Happy Thanksgiving, ICBINC and fans! See you at the True Love once my tofurkey's all basted.

YAY! Tonight everyone in ICBINC (and some additional pals) are getting together at The True Love Cafe @ 8:30 for coffee and hugs! Anyone is invited, maybe we'll try some new material on you or spill some ICBINC secrets. I just love my comedy troupe pals, they ARE my family, I could see them every day of the week and not get sick of them, and I love my friends, and puppy dogs, and rainbows and ice cream and vodka and I love Adam Green more than the crap part about puppies and rainbows. WHAT!? You don't know who he is!? ( I'll even include his dreamy picture for you the listeneres....sigh. I'm going to bake him some cookies.
love and peanut butter; Amber

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Nice Blog about the evils of Rock Stardom Amber. Hey, our friend Cheese, the stand up comedian who opened our show two Saturdays ago has his own online comic. Check it out.!
I FUCKING HATE ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, let me reinstate that, I don't hate all rock stars, I hate wanna be rockstars, and the pretentious asshole ones, the rest I love. BUT last night I had a certain interview, with a certain up and coming NY band, signed on a certain major label...a band I saw 5 months ago and chatted up a bit and were super cool then, I had the interview with them last night in San Fran.

So it goes something like this, I contacted their British Accented Touring Manager (still not sure if it was real or faux yet) who was incredibly nice, I got free drinks, gotta go backstage and chill with the 3 bands, then came the interview time. Mind you I typically prefer doing interviews BEFORE the band play therefore avoiding any under the influence challenges we'll face, but they were only able to schedule my interview after the show. So I hesitantly agreed. One of the guys in the band (the nice-sober one) led me to corner where the other three members were, drinks lined up for all, looking high and stoned, tired and just crazy. I knew as soon as I approached them, this is the type of interview I knew one day I was going to have that would be a challenge, the interview I dreaded. But I bit my lip, took the last gulp of my vodka martini and proceeded to sit on the couch right in between rock star "A" and "B" and immediately hit the red record button on my recorder.

They were a combination of the combined attitudes of drunk, stoned, obnoxious, perverted, loud, vague and well, just very rock star. I decided I was going to ask them all the non-music related question, the stupidest ones just to mess with them, so I directed my first question to the lead singer who is always compared to playing/ looking like Mich Jagger: "so what is the staple food you must have when touring" he: "I don't eat" which of course didn't surprise me looking at his skinny assless ASS! They continued to talk out of place, say the stupidest things and just whine, they have a major label, a world tour, a private bus, alcohol, drugs, (however there wasn't a groupie in sight last night which kinda surprised me) and a contract and are whining about how they don't like to tour. I stuck around for about half an hour.

After 3 of the 4 members passed out on the couch next to me I was finished speaking to the last alert member in his ruffly polka dot shirt and purple velveteen pantsuit, and once I clicked off the recorder I said, "there aren't you just thrilled it's over? Was it that bad?" and he sincerely said "I'm sorry, were all just very honest and well, I'm burned out from touring and I miss everyone back home and I just wanna be back home" I think that was the most honest answer out of all I received the whole night getting the feeling they were sick of interviews asking about their favorite place to tour when all in they just wanted to play NY. I left just feeling kinda...dirty? I felt sorry for them for some of the things I heard and saw, even though I started pissed off at them, I stuck it out, when the obvious choice might have been to say 'fuck off' and leave, but I stayed till the boys passed out and finally got a little truth in the end. I fee like I experienced a sort of new realization or water shed as a fringe non-pro journalist, I guess. I do about 3 bands interviews a month and this was the most interesting ever and taught me a lot.

All in all, I left after seeing their liquored up non day job rock star touring lifestyle thinking, "One day I wanna be a drunk strung out performer who sits backstage to get interviewed by some non Rolling Stone journalist and just say stupid things" one day right? Maybe.....well until I see you rock stars next time (their name still goes unwritten, unless you ask me) however I'll post their picture here in case you recognize them.

Then I got a call from the PR guy in NY from Capitol Records asking me how the interview went.....ouch! Wanna know how they are REALLY spending the $$$ your giving them?

much love and cocaine;

p.s. All in all, I met Cyril Jordan backstage last night and AGAIN (2nd show night in a row) saw the drummer from AFI and all the Donna's were there last night. Glee.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Here's some samples of the fan mail we've gotten for the new show:

"We were quoting lines from your skits and laughing all the way home! I would love to come support you wherever you are playing - and if I can help in any way other than to sit in the audience and laugh my ass off, let me know!"

"Let me say how much I enjoyed your show at the Gallery Horse Cow! Fabulous! A few of the high points for me were the Jesus Christ CEO skit, the Happy Somethin or other Playhouse with the box and the hands, the Pizza Sluts porn skit, and of course Drag Man! Thanks again for the laughs!"

" Hey! Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I had a blast enjoying the madcap weekend comedy production "I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy". Seriously, some of those skits were really hilarious. Onomatopoeia. I was sitting there thinking,"If these people were on TV doing this stuff, I would watch it." And I HATE TV! (Thank you for pointing that out, by the way)"

"i don't know where you guys come up with those sketches, but i've had a lot of experience with mind-expanding drugs in the past, but never could've come up with anything as imaginative. and you're like a female jim carey and i mean that as the highest of compliments. you [addressed to Amber] can make a million different faces and that's so awesome! so anyways, just wanted to let you know that i had a great time laughing until my mascara was smeared down to my knees."

"I liked the Pro Life/Pro Choice sketch, It's funny because, and the puppet show, and I couldn't stop saying, "Wake up James" all the way home last night."

That last quote there was from Brian, who produces The Free Hooch Comedy Troop. He's the fella opening the club on Del Paso where I'll be hosting a Thursday night comedy show starting in January. We have lots more mail. This show seemed to really affect people, which is encouraging because we took a-lot of risks on this one. Thanks to everyone who wrote.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Woooh, glad we survived that one. This was a rough show, mainly because we were just out of the habit of putting together new material, with new props and all the rest. It came off wonderfully though. I've been home sick ever since. Thanks Ben! Bastard. Actally, Ben is the champion of this show because he stuck it out and performed even though he was on death's door. The show must go on.

Tonight, as I went to get cough medicine I was recognized by the girl at the counter. She had come to the show and is now a fan.

Our next show will be a free show, that we are filming. YAY! It will be much fun. At The Crest no less! See you there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


The fun and excitement I know I, and all experienced this weekend at our shows was better than any sort of sex, drugs, alcohol, or candy. Lord have mercy I'm still jazzed! I can't thank everyone who came out and help sell out every show and for the standing 'O' we got Saturday night (blush) your all family now.

We had the best looking, hip and talented audience of fellow Sac artists supporting us right back: Robyn from Rant Mag. Jimmy Calanchini from Whiskey Rebels/ Amityville Horror, Robert Berry of Retro Crush, Jerry Perry from Alive and Kicking, Robbie Percell from Quitter, Skip from Estereo, some KDVS folks, film makers: Kristina & Victoria Rodriguez- Bob Moricz -Jonathan Morken-Laurie Petersen-Brian Darling, Diciembre Gris, Christy and Darin from Trash Film Orgy and Soul Motor, artist Irina Beffa, Erin from News and Review, Adam Miller from the Mallrats, almost all of the Short Bus Magazine Crew, local actors Katherine Pappa and Dave Campfiled, members of Free Hooch Comedy Troupe, the lovely burlesque dancer Cherry Malone, photographer Dan Atterberry...

...thank you all for coming out God will reward you richly for your support, we just gotta give you folks props!!!!!

A special thank to the band Sacramento for rawking the audience and playing at the after party, a thanks to Tom Cox for jammin at all the shows and for the rising star comedienne; a boy named Cheese! And thanks to the Gallery Horse cow and the friends and artists we have there that always support us weather it's helping at the door, with lights, or buying us beer.

If you haven't seen our show yet, please come out, not just because we want to see if you like us or not, but because we want and need more cool fringe arts friends. Thanks what it's all about folks, artists supporting other artists, so if maybe sketch comedy isn't your thing (and if it isn't go suck on a rotten egg) go support another art; music, poetry, dance, your local DJ, whatever, just get out there and help keep the fringe arts alive!!!!! Were all family folks, were just doing different things.... but in the same boat.

Thanks for the love and laughs Sacramento.

Amber, your personal pizza delivery girl.

Monday, November 17, 2003

I, too, have heard nothing but praise about this weekend's shows. This could be because none of the people I talked to were the few poor (but hearty!) souls who had to stand to watch Saturday's standing-room-only performance. Every show was jam-packed and everybody was laughing. As a brand-new actress, I couldn't have been luckier to walk into a situation like that.
And what about the UFO art cars and the band Sacramento jamming on the street out front and the police showing up??? And Cheese knocking 'em dead with his morose and sardonic stand-up at the 10pm show? And Ms. Mattie Parfitt taking photos? And the disco ball dazzling after party?
This was not just a show, my friends. This was a happening...
Even though Keith has caught Ben's terrible cold and is surely near death's door, he still beat me to the blog. Yes, I am indeed the rotten egg and I say ROTTEN EGG'S OF THE WORLD UNITE. ROTTEN EGG'S HAVE RIGHTS, ROTTEN EGG'S HAVE RIGHTS!

I digress. This weekend's shows were like wild fire. We sold out Friday, had a standing room only crowd Saturday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 10 p.m.'s sold out crowd awarded us with a standing ovation! The Puppet Show (also known as the Puppet Show that nearly killed Sid) rocked and rocked hard, UNBORN BILLY went over huge and all in all I've heard nothing but raves about the show (well except for those two ladies in the front row Saturday night who were clearly offended by our antics but hey you've got to step on a few toes on the way to the top. am I right, am I right?).

Sunday, November 16, 2003

HA HA Sid, you're the rotten egg.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Holy crap, last night rocked it. I had a blast MC-ing, and the show went oh so well. Every skit hit it's mark. This show was ON ON ON!
I'm totally stoked and I feel like we could conquer the world.
Which, as you know, we fully intend to. Mwa ha ha ha! I am EVIL!

Friday, November 14, 2003

It's unfortunate, but logical, that those of us with the most dramatic, exciting lives have the least time to write about them here. (I guess that tells you how wild KLJ and I are, since we post just about every day...)
Less than seven hours until showtime! We road-tested the show last night with some of the most cosmopolitan rock and roll folks in town (members of Quitter and the Whiskey Rebels were in attendance, along with the founder of RANT magazine - all wearing black and looking hipper than you!) They all laughed loud and long. So now we know, if we can impress those jaded cats, we've got a great show.
Amber Kloss just called to say she's taken more than 30 reservations today just through her phone and KLJ says tickets are flying at the Beat. Word to the wise - the Horse Cow is tiny. If you're planning on coming to the show, get your tickets NOW.
See you tonight with my horns a' sparkling!
It sure pays to be mentioned in the paper. Tickets are selling like crazy. We're well on our way to selling out all three shows.
Our website is getting hit like crazy. It makes me sorry this blog doesn't have more drama. Unfortunately we all get along pretty good and none of us has a drug habit, or hooker habit or anything to keep the blog bumpin'. Miles' has a fair shair of drama in his life. We should get him to blog more. Yes we should.
Gonna tear it up tonigh, All right.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

YAY Dorks! YAY Dylan!
HAHAHAHA We did it again. We're dorks
Ahh, that's so cute. Sid and I blogged at the same time. (scroll down).
Hey KLJ-It appears that our psychic link is strengthing-we blogged and posted at exactly the same time....Oooh someone tell Xenophilia...
I was on Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology hour. I love Dr. Andy. He's the best. I used to work with him, years ago.

Hey, a big shout out to Dylan. He started the first ICBINC fan club. He came out to our dress rehearsal tonight and he'll be helping us gather addys for our mailing list. He's a great guy. Be sure to check out his site,

I can't bitch that he hasn't updated his cast photo, since I haven't updated the Cast page on our website in AGES. Soon, I promise.
Okay, now I remember why we do this! Dress rehearsal tonight went EXTREMELY well. After the last few days of pure self inflicted torture, nervous stomach and other gastro-intestinal distress that shall remain un-named, it felt sooo good to be on stage and making people LAUGH! Our dress rehearsal audience of about 15 got a great show, we worked out the bugs and tomorrow night it's show time. YAY, I think I might actually sleep tonight. Ahhhhh.
Hey, KLJ - How was your KDVS appearance last night? Which show were you on? Did they interview you, or did you just do yoga next to the microphone?

Dress rehearsal in three hours! I just got confirmation that two special guests from RANT magazine will be in attendance! Everybody be extra punk rock, OK?
The TV appearance was certainly weird. I thought we'd be interviewed and what not, but once the cameras came on it was "OKAY, You're on! Fill three minutes". We had no idea what to do for three minutes, so, we just acted looney.

Tonights the last dress rehearsal. Then tommorow the show. And Saturday it's all wrapped and maybe I can start sleeping regularly again.

Mmmmm, pulled pork.

I picked up the cool art done for one of our skits by the one and only Mr. Lobo and I Jonathan Morken delivered the finished edit of "Bible The Movie". Both look great. I can't wait to put them in front of our audience and hog all the glory for Lobo and Morken's hard work.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Oh! I forgot to blog about the pork incident!
Today, after we were on TELEVISION, we went to breakfast at the Tower Cafe. Many of us ordered tofu scrambles, which arrived with a shockingly small amount of tofu. KLJ asked the waiter to bring us an extra plate of tofu, which he did.
Then Sid leans over and says, "I'm not a vegan. I'd like an entire plate of nothing but pulled pork, just a big pile of it." She was kidding. We thought the waiter knew she was kidding, but out came a steaming plate of shredded pork. Not a side serving, but a full meal's worth of nothing but chunks of pig! It was like something out of the meat-eating horror story Robert Berry wrote for me. The carnivorous troupe members tried valiantly to tackle the pork, but barely made a dent. Maybe if Ben Miller was with us, they'd have had a chance.
Did you see me on the television? That was my butt in the air when Keith had us do "downward dog." No, not that butt. That was Sid's butt. Mine was the other one. I also did a very well balanced "tree pose," if I do say so myself. I can't wait to tell our yoga teacher tomorrow!
Amber and I went to the Tone Vendor after our stint on Good Day Sacramento and we got recognized! This guy who was shopping for CDs was like, "You guys did tree pose!" We're so famous!
Tonight we have our first dress rehearsal at the Horse Cow! I'm so excited! The show starts on Friday, and not only will I have the short skirt on - but a brand new haircolor! Yeow! Those of you who watched the show this morning saw a preview of the new hair. That is, if you managed to stop staring at my butt long enough to see it.

Monday, November 10, 2003

So many people said, "Saw you in the paper!" to me today. This is not unusual, since I am published weekly in the Sacramento News and Review. But once my co-workers started saying it, I realized they meant The Bee. Now that is unusual. Even my mom wrote to say I looked "beautiful" in the grey newsprint photo. Moms are nice like that. My mom will be there on Friday night, with her boyfriend and best friends. Hopefully they weren't the special guests KLJ said we were keeping secret.
I also talked to Miss Stephanie Rosscup of Abandon Productions today, who is going to try to get the cast of Aah! over to our 10pm Saturday show, if they're not to tired from their 8pm physical theatre show that same night. ICBINCers, I think we should make a group pilgrimmage to their play, too. It's been extended until December 13 and plays around the corner from my house. I'll make cider afterwards! What say you?
And yes, I was a customer in Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia. I had one line and my official title was "The Customer Who Is Clueless About Burt Convey." I'm not sure I'm spelling his name right (which proves the part wasn't much of a stretch).
Now I'm off to plan my outfit for tomorrow morning's Good Day Sacramento appearance! Did anyone post that here yet? ICBINC will be on Good Day Sacramento tomorrow on Channel 31 between 9am and 11am. Check us out, live from the Horse Cow!
Wow! I just watched my friend Jeff on Ellen, which of course is Ellen Degeneres' talk show. Jeff is her personal assistant and is a writers assistant (which means writer but pays less). The segment on the show involves Ellen trying to hook Jeff up with a lady. Jeff cracks me up. The show opened with Ellen, Jeff and Karen Anderson (my comedy mentor) playing around on little bumper cars. Pretty funny. Damn famous bastards. We're next.


Sunday, November 09, 2003

Well The Sacramento Bee article came out today. You can read it HERE.
I'll put another version up after I get links to a version with photos. The paper has two pictures of us.
less than a week until showtime.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

I got to do some actin' for Mr. Lobo today. I played the evil Cafe owner. Lobo is a Horror host (you know, like Elvira or Vampira). So he films funny bits to be placed around trashy movies. The movie that we were shooting bits for today was Roger Corman's cooky beatnik coffeeshop flick "Bucket Of Blood".
This is one of my favorite films, and I love Lobo's writing so it was fun to do. I played the mean Cafe owner, like I said, so I interrupted Lobo as he tried to introduce the flick and demanded payment for his many cappucinos. He has no money so I make him work and he has to host the show while slaving away for annoying beatnick customers.
I also got to play one of two Matrix- Agent Smith like agents of a Starbucks like coffee chain that is taking over the neighborhood. All in all I had a blast. Miles plays the other agent and Becca plays one of the customers I think. She filmed her parts yesterday.
Fun Fun Fun.
And speaking of Fun, Heidi Ho and Rob Cockerham have both confirmed that they will be attending our shows this weekend. We've also got some super surprise guests that we aint telling you about. HEE HEE HEEE HEEEEE!

Friday, November 07, 2003

"trying to hit KLJ on the head without actually hitting him on the head " wrote Becca.

That's the problem. You should ACTUALLY hit me. That's why I'm in this troupe. So I can get my masochist kicks. I always write skits where I get the smacks. Ask Tom Cox. He's beaten the crap out of me many times.

MMMMMMM, Short Skirt!!!!!
I worked out at the Y for weeks. Unlike KLJ, who lost seven pounds and is looking quite svelte, I lost no weight whatsoever. This week, I stopped going altogether for lack of time. I've been working all day and practicing for the ICBINC show every night and writing articles in my "spare" time - and suddenly I am nearing (my personal) maximum skinniness. It appears I am too busy to eat. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. At any rate, it's good news for you audience members, 'cause it means I'll be wearing the short, short skirt in skit #2. Oh yes. With the heels.
Soon, I am headed to the Java Lounge to be an extra in Mr. Lobo's latest Cinema Insomnia. It's a beatnik scene, so I am wearing a black turtleneck and plenty of eyeliner, with my hair straight and parted down the middle - and I'm carrying a Jack Kerouac book (with James St. James' Party Monster hidden underneath). I think all I have to do is sit in the background and read for four hours. Compared to dancing with a cardboard box on my head for TFO, yelling obscenities for Morken and trying to hit KLJ on the head without actually hitting him on the head for ICBINC; this ought to be a piece of cake. I love the serenity of Mr. Lobo. Yes I do.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hey, Robert just put the article that he'd written on ICBINC for Wirehed magazine up on the Retrocrush forum. The magazine folded before the article got to run but it's cool to see the flattering things he writes. I was pretty hopped up on sugar durring the interview. Robert always gives me cokes and cookies at his house and then I'm a spaz. Most of my friends hide the sugary sweets when I'm around and offer me valium as a snacking alternative.
Here's the Article:

If you’re one of those people who remember how good Saturday Night Live used to be, or fondly recall the initial 2 years of In Living Color, it’s probably been disappointing to find an alternative comedy source to fill the void. Luckily, a few hundred Sacramento residents, and soon most of California, have discovered that the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Comedy troupe’s live performances bring to mind the best of television’s greatest subversive comedy shows right in front of your face.

ICBINC was started by Keith Lowell Jensen, Sacramento’s resident writer and funnyman, who has performed numerous stand up comedy dates both as himself, and his sleazy alter-ego Francois Fly. While serving as the host of The Crest Theater’s infamous Trash Film Orgy series, Jensen has delighted thousands with skits featuring on stage eviscerations, live sex change operations, and giant size Godzilla style Monster Wrestling Match complete with the requisite scale model of downtown Tokyo to destroy.

Their shows mix traditional live sketch comedy with modern innovations like live video interludes taped by Sacramento filmmaker Jonathan Morken, and conspiracy laced music from the hilarious Xenophilia. Some of their more popular skits include a boy who confesses his horse-dressing fetish to his shocked parents, and a side-splitting tribute to Mexican Wrestling movies and giant cockroaches (don’t ask, you have to see it to believe it).

When asked why folks should come out and see one of their performances, Jensen replied, “Never mind the art and the comedy innovations. Ben Miller is scantily clad, and Amber Kloss is playing a HO, that’s why I would come and see it. That’s two things consistent in every show.”

They’ve been entertaining local audiences for 2 years now, but they’ll soon be playing dates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Keith says they decided to take their show on the road, “because nobody seemed to like us in Sacramento.”

So far the audiences have been pretty responsive. When asked to comment on how much laughter they can generate in a night, Jensen replied, "we try to perform close to AA meetings.” When told that didn’t answer the question, he started laughing uncontrollably and wet himself.

Surprisingly, Sacramento is also home of a rival sketch group, The Free Hooch Comedy Troupe. When asked why someone should choose ICBINC over them, Jensen answered, “Shut up, we don’t want to give them any press!” Keith then held a knife to his neck and threatened to kill himself if we didn’t print his motto, “I’m not a playa hata, I’m a playa celebrata!”

You can find out more regarding ICBINC at, to get their latest show dates.
This is the worst part of putting on a show. The week before. So stressfull. You question all your decisions, you worry about your gags working. It's tempting to tear everything down and re-write it, maybe I'll cancel the whole show and just hire some party clowns, hopefully with dancing poodles in tu-tus. HA HA HA HA, I love them poodles in Tu-Tus yes I do!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be on the cover of the Retro Crush webpage!!! ( Keep yer peepers open because I'm going to be writing articles about retro party hostessing tips, 50's era dating tips , retro B movie reviews, and sharing retro recipes such as how to make the perfect pistachio Jell-O mold!

Plus the website will be updating my pictures with Amber's 'retro dress of the week' with all my different vintage clothing, and if you've seen my closet you know what I'm talking about!

I'll also be promoting different fringe arts events happenings in the area and I'm thinking of having some of my fellow artists/ friends on as special guests! (maybe Keith as a Barbie collector? Becca the uber poet?)

keep checking it out for more!

Love ya'll! Until them here's a Halloween picture of me as a brownie and my friend and I (as a Japanese anime) at a swing dance Halloween party! And don’t forget to check out the comedy troupe show next weekend! Woo hoo!

don't forget to check out Short Bus magazine

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

This is me on halloween. Aint I gorgeous. The next night I did a simmilar take on The Devil. Hopefull I'll get a pic of that soon.

Damn I'm busy. Rehearsal last night, then home to do some last minute re-writes and to put the show sequence together, comparing notes with Bryna so that nobody is given impossible costume changes. Then today I had to put together my wants and need for the Thursday Night slot that I'll be filling at The Sacramento Comedy Spot. I meet w/them tonight. In between I have to keep the day job going and tommorow I've got to rehearsal again.

Idle hands are the devils tool eh? The devil seems to be keeping mine pretty busy.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Wow what a weekend. Becca read poetry with Xeno supplying soundtrack, and Becca's buddy Frank did some realy cool poetry with a band called Dino Crowley. They played a montage of Kenneth Anger films and some crazy Picasso animation in the background. Great stuff. I was a drag queen devil. I'm really getting into drag. Emily Yay came up with a new term for us sissy straight boys; Faux-Mo. Tee hee.

The Press is realy responding well. Alive and Kicking put our picture in their calendar and Good Morning Sacramento is featuring us next Tuesday. News10 called but they haven't said if they'll do a story or not. The Sacramento Bee is indeed doing a story.

I feel like there's a good buzz going.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I had so much fun last night. I was a green drag queen for halloween. With purple wig and a shark skin suit. Amber "Cookie" Kloss in her girl scout outfit was my lackey. Bossing her around was great. The TFO was fun. I didn't stick around through the movie though. I headed over to Allen's party. Great times. Video cameras everywhere. My friend Kizzzy's band, "The Pleasure Seekers" were playing and they are fantastic. Allen was running around with his new super duper video camera. He's so mellow now at his partys. I remember the old days when Allen didn't even get to enjoy his parties as he'd run around stressing out. All in all it was a great night. Allen's party is still going. I'm heading over now to have some pancakes and then I'll be back there tonight.