Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yeah, the rain was incredible yesterday. It was blowing sideways so hard that it started coming in the seams around my window air conditioner and pooling on the floor. A tree fell over on my neighbor's car and palm fronds and branches were crashing all over the place in Midtown. I was scared to walk to work, with all the trees whipping about, but I had to get there. I took an all-alley route - less trees, but way more power lines. I guess it was a gamble either way. Anyway, today's rains seem docile by comparison.
Tonight the cast of ICBINC is headed to the Stoney Inn to see the cast of Free Hooch Comedy Troupe perform their one-hour improv comedy show. I've never seen an entire Free Hooch show, so I am excited. They're all such nice kids! So if anyone out there in cyberland wants to join us, we'll be at the Stoney Inn on Del Paso Blvd. at 8pm. Tickets are $5. See you there!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

IT'S RAINING BUCKETS! The rain just keeps coming down. We lost power at work, so I'm home. There are trees down all over the place.
Hopefully we keep our power at home. This is great cuddle with my sweetie and watch a movie kind of weather.
The experts are predicting gorgeous weather all next week. I hope they're right.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

So, I was working at Greta's. Great place. I worked with John McCrea of Cake (and Shawn McFessel, an early Cake base player) some great artists, as well my future Fiance, Bryna. I worked in the kitchen, mostly dishes. We'd all take turns playing music and I was introduced to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, lots of great techno. I loved it. So, my turn comes, and knowing these guys aint too up on their hip hop I bring in some Urban Dance Squad. Joolie, one of the bakers decides she doesn't want to hear it and shuts it off. Now this pisses me off. I listened to her cheezy music plenty o' times, and I felt she was just dismissing UDS because they were hip hop without realy listening. It wasn't her I was interested in playing the stuff for, but I expected her to give me the same priveledge everyone else got. So, I turned the music back on. Joolie hit eject and THREW my tape across the kitchen, where it landed under a refridgerator.
That's my personal property. I told her off. I complained to Greta. When Greta didn't fire her on the spot I implied I might have some fun with some of Joolie's personal property. Did I mention I was pissed?
SO, that was, um..., let see, 13 years ago. I hadn't seen Joolie since, UNTIL...
This girls bagging up my groceries at Trader Joe's says I know you. I didn't recognize her and asked how she knew me. From Greta's she answered. I read her name tag. Joolie! Oh man. I didn't want to see her again. 13 years have passed, and within 45 seconds of running into me Joolie says, Hey, I was a real bitch to you once and threw your tape across the kitchen. I'm sorry I did that.
! ! !
Wow. My soul is a little less full of hate. The big ball of crap I carry through my dung beetle life is a bit lighter. Not just that SHE brought it up, but that it had weighed on her. That she grabbed the first opportunity to say she was sorry.
Thanks Joolie.
You're alright with me.
Even if you spell your name funny.
Yeah, dinner at Spag Fact was fun. I hope Miles tipped. The audio CD is shapping up to be pretty cool. I hope to start recording in May. We'll have to see how this meshes with all of our OH SO BUSY, schedules.
We should have hip one inch ICBINC buttons soon. Wahoo! And after that, STICKERS! mmmmmmm Stickers.....

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hey ICBINC cast! Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at the Ol' Spaghetti Factory tonight! (That's right, readers... we comedy movers and shakers have our business meetings at only the most exclusive eateries.) To avoid fist fights, we'd better just ask for extra garlic butter up front!
And don't forget, next Thursday we all have a date to see the Free Hooch Comedy Troupe at 8pm at the Stoney Inn. See you there!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Yeah, that's the guy. Sorry the photo is out of focus, but he wasn't all that focused to begin with. What a great fella. He was enjoying himself, and when I lost my car keys he was quite helpful as well, but that may have been because a bunch of attractive ladies sat at the table we had been at making searching for keys quit a good time.
Here's some pipctures from this past weekends ICBINC shows in SF! A special thanks to 'The Strokes' look-alike at the Beauty Bar who made my day! :) As well as our uber funny hostess at Cha Cha Cha's! We love you SF!!!!!

IHATEHAVINGAJOB! I know I'd hate not having one too, but selling the majority of your waking hours away sucks. Must start record label and become my own boss. Yes!
We went to Cha Cha Chas before our show. It's a restaurant on mission. We had tired of the snootiness at the place we usualy go to. The wait at Cha Cha Chas was over and HOUR! Knowing we couldn't wait that long and would have to split I jokingly asked the host if it was personal, if he just wanted to get rid of us.
"Well, the moustache is kind of slimey" he told me.
I'll shave it off, I offered, not missing a beat.
"You shave that moustache off and I'll put you at the top of the list."
So, a trip to the convenienc store on the corner, a one dollar razor, and we were sat, moustacheless, in five minutes.
That host guy was great. Everytime he passed our table we'd cheer him. After awhile he sat down with us and pitched an idea for a skit. Maybe next time we're in SF we'll put him on stage.
Amber got his picture so we'll put up here soon.
Fun times.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Well I'm not the first to hit the blog after the weekend but I ain't the rotten egg either! Whew-thought sure I would be...

Saturday at Spanganga was the best of the run with an enthusiastic audience (special thanks to the "Oh My God" lady) and an impromptu performance by Sacramento-the band! I was so hyper after the show (boosted by Sacramento's set) that I chattered poor Bryna's ears off all the way home.

We've been invited to perform at Spanganga at the end of March at their live "Twilight Zone" shows. ( and are gearing up for a bunch of exciting new projects. No peace for the wicked little ICBINC'ers.

Oh my gosh! I'm not the rotten egg! I don't even have a computer at home, so I have to wait until Monday to blog after a show. Still, I'm the first one! Ha! Ha!
We had an awesome Valentine's Day. Xeno and I went to city hall to see the hundreds of couples lining up to get married. Some wore wedding dresses or "groom to be" signs. Many had their children with them. Nearly everyone carried flowers and a few even handed out chocolate hearts. Inside, couples were getting married six at a time on the balconies of the rotunda. You could see them kissing and saying "I do." When a couple would emerge on the street waving their marriage certificate, everyone burst into cheers. You can see photos at on Xeno's daily blog. Later we went to the beach and the Japanese Tea Garden and did some other romantic things.
The show that night was fun. We had a boisterous crowd who laughed loud. One woman even kept saying, "Oh my God!" during the skits and cracking us up backstage. As we were packing our stuff at the end of the night, Sacramento the band walked in with their instruments and played a concert in Spanganga! It was the place to be, so I hope you were there...

Friday, February 13, 2004

I'm so happy we'll be spending Valentine's Day in San Francisco! The city has legalized gay marriage and couples are flocking to the city to tie the knot. The city clerk's office will stay open on V-day to issue marriage licenses. Some couples from Sacramento are coming down to get married over the weekend! I've been looking at all the AP photos on-line of happy people kissing, just so overjoyed to marry one another. San Francisco truly is the city of love this weekend! (Yes, I know the opposition has already filed an injunction... but the courts can't hear it until Tuesday and so many people will be married and on their honeymoons by then! La la la!)
I was a little skeptical about spending my Valentine's weekend performing at Spanganga instead of enjoying some fabulous nookie with my lover... but not anymore! I'm so thrilled to be bringing the art I love with the friends I love to the people of this awesome city who are standing up to the U.S. government for love's sake. I can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all! Romance is alive and well! Come to the show this weekend and laugh with us! Hugs and kisses for every single one of you!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

YAY! I'm not the rotten egg.
The SF shows are going fairly well. It's a hard town to promote from here and I've not been successfull at finding someone to flyer and poster for us. Being at The Sketchfest helps and gives us some name recognition and we have some members of the media coming next weekend, which won't help for this run, but we'll wow them, as we always do and they'll write about us next time.
The Saint Simon 3 is indeed a great match, they soundtrack us very well. The audiences are having a good time and so are we.
I left my damn cell phone charger in SF at my friends Shannon and Aian's house. What kind of mover and shaker can I be without my cell phone? My god?
Sid is of course the egg that sits stinking, rotten through and through, and Sid is of course a beautiful person.

Friday, February 06, 2004

It's 4:10pm on Friday. 1/2 of ICBINC is already in the van on the way to San Francisco. The other half will be leaving within the hour. Tonight is the first of four shows at Spanganga and we are READY! Are you?
See you at 10pm...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

We rehearsed with St. Simon 3 last night and, oh yes, they were amazing. Now you all know how much I love (and currently sleep with) our last troupe musician, Xeno, and how sad I was to see him leave the troupe. You'd think I'd be skeptical of the band replacing him (especially since they haven't agreed to sleep with me), but they are such excellent musicians! The St. Simon 3 wrote original new music that makes watching ICBINC skits as cool as watching MTV, back when they actually showed videos. Except none of us have Flock of Seagulls hair or stobe lights or anything. And there's a plot. And jokes. And no Martha Quinn, but you get the idea.
But really, the band has added a lot to this already hilarious show. You really don't want to miss all this brilliance, do you? Not to mention, Miles has promised to wear a speedo on stage, instead of his usual boxer briefs. A little something for the ladies...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Guess who's got an exciting audition this week? That's right! Amber's booty (and the rest of her) is up for the part of the lady who reads the winning lotto numbers as the ping-pong lotto balls roll down the shoot on Wednesdays and Saturdays! Amber might be the new Lotto Lady! I don't know why this excites me so much. I don't even play the lottery.
Hey, maybe if Amber becomes the lotto number reader and someone wins a jackpot, they'll be so grateful to her they'll send her a million dollars and then, because she loves us, she'll take the entire ICBINC troupe to a tropical island, where we will become tan and relaxed and live in little huts by the sea, but we'll entertain the tourists at night at a big hotel and people will fly from all over the world to see us and then, one day, when we're all tired of eating nothing but lilikoi and macadamias, some theater bigwig will catch our show while on vacation and say, "You must travel around the world spreading your unique brand of Not Comedy! Oh please, let me fund your world tour!" and we'll pack our bags and see the world while uniting humanity with our incredible humor and the world will be in peace and everyone will become vegan and the hole in the ozone layer will heal and someone will finally invent a decent sugarfree chocolate and we'll all be happy ever after.
So good luck, Amber, on your Lotto audition!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

So after last nights post I went to pick Bryna up from The Crest. She was working as an usher and Gallager was performing. Wow! He's gotten so bad. People will dispute this, but at one time he was a fairly decent comedian. He gave in to the idiots who just kept screaming for his sledgematic shtick with the watermellon smashing and now he's just and angry, bitter, tired old man going through the motions.
Andy Kaufman chose not to take the easy cash of doing endless Latka (Foreign Man). It seemed a bad career move at the time but he would never have earned the bizarre place he holds in comedy history if he'd given in.
And Jim Carrey (who I'm not a big fan of) was on his way to being the next Rich Little when he decided he didn't want to spend his life doing impressions.
You got to believe in what you're doing, sometimes even when the audience is cheering for something else.