Friday, October 06, 2006

Our poor abandoned blog

I really do mean to do a site overhaul soon. Like many other folks, I've gotten caught up in keeping up with youtube and myspace rather than this site.
The new page I hope to design will have a front page blog so we can keep in touch better.
SO, here's what's going on with us.
  • We're shooting some video for a TV Pilot. More on that later.
  • We're performing with the amazing Boom Time, featuring Brent Weinbach on November 3rd and 4th In Sacramento. Details HERE.
  • Best Of Sacramento. The News and Review's readers have chosen our own Amber Kloss as the city's best actress, our Becca Costello as the best journalist and The Crest Theatre, managed by ICBINCer, Sid Garcia Heberger as best movie theater. Congrats all.
  • We've put lots of videos on line. Visit our myspace page here or, you can check us out on by clicking here.

More news later, and yes, I'll get that redesign done eventually. Mwah.