Monday, May 21, 2007

Amber's Commercial

At about second 23 of this commercial you can see our own Ms. Amber Kloss being darn excited about printing. She looks so cute in her blond hair and glasses. Since then she's become a red-head with 20/20 vision (or contacts at least.)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NEW SHOW and more...

Our shows with Cody Rivers Show were so delightful that we had to jump at the chance to present LA comedy duo Ten West.
These two incredibly funny and unique vaudevillians are pals of the Cody Rivers boys who assured them we'd treat 'em real nice, so it is my pleasure to announce:

Ten West in Sacramento, July 20th and 21st for four shows at The Geery Theatre.

Well, yeah, that is still a long way off, but you need a reason to keep on living so I figured I'd give you one. The opening act will be the premier of One Man Sketch Comedy Show In A Box, featuring one member of ICBINC. (Don't worry, ICBINC will be back for Sacramento All Sketch next February.

We're most appreciative of our sponsor for this show, The Sacramento Hostel. We love staying at Hostel's when we tour, (especially the Seattle Hostel.) I hope that all traveling folks, and traveling artists in particular know about Sacramento's beautiful hostel. That is unsolicited praise by the way. It's our fondness for hostel's that led us to request their involvement in our shows to begin with.