Friday, September 10, 2004

The new website is looking good. We're getting many compliments. Check out the Links page to find Scott Moon and Erik Lobo who designed the site for us.
We're still working on photo galleries and on making more visible links to this Blog.
Note, The CD is for sale. Woo hoo. Buy 20 of 'em. Now. Right away. Before they're all gone. There they go. Quick, quick, quick!
We're getting a tour together for Spring and Summer of 2005. I'm excited about touring and hopefull that we can get some support built up in cities we've never been to before by putting the CD out there.
In the meanwhile I'll be making trips to as many towns as I can to sell the CD to record stores and the like and to give copies to all the college radio stations.
We can use all the help we can get so if you know of cool record stores or DJ's who are willing to play weird indy comedy stuff let us know.
It's always great to get mail from folks. It's inspiring. So by all means, drop us a line. Make us feel all famous and stuff.

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