Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So, we haven't posted here in a while. The new show is great. We played Sacramento with it, and this weekend we're in SF. Then a couple of weeks later on May 6th we're in LA. May 7th Arizona and I'm working on what to do after that.
I think I want to do a demo version of our next CD and then work with a label to fine tune it, produce it and get it out.
I love the first CD. The second CD will have more short skits involving music. This will make it more usefull to radio DJs. The shorter skits seems to be the direction we're heading anyway so this isn't too much of a stretch.
I'm working on a radio show with the guys from Gas, Food, Theatre called The Mustaches, or it might be called somthing else. It's a radio sitcom of sorts about four guys who escape prison together, grow mustaches and do their best to have a normal life on the lam. We should have some shows ready by next fall. I'm stoked to be working with these guys. They're so damn funny.
And I have my stand up comedy show at Luna's, "Funny Peculiar", still going strong. Check out for that.

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