Monday, January 22, 2007

Kloss' Condom Message

when I first saw this I thought Amber'd done a cute little photoshop, but nope, it's the real deal. Our own sweet Amber Kloss and her hunky man Nic were hired as models for a condom pamphlet.

Consider this a teaser post. Just as soon as I get the chance I'll bring the pamphlet to work and scan in the rest of it.

I'm still trying to get a hold of the anti-crank pamphlet that Nic did, I believe it even uses some of the same pictures.

Good stuff indeed. Ah that Amber, always up to something. I'm so glad us ICBINCers are out there spreading the word about not spreading the other stuff.

Diclaimer: Please know ICBINC endorses abstinence only sex education except when paid to endorse the other kind. Please paypal your payment to


amber said...

y Five year anniversarry ICBINC!! xoxo

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

? Did part of your message get cut off? I assume it's meant to read happy five year anniversary.
YEAH! Happy back at ya.

Sid said...

Amber Lynn! Oh My God! Do your parents know about this? Go to your room, WITHOUT Nic!

Anonymous said...

Gramma Elizabeth says you're doin'great!

Anonymous said...

Gramma Elizabeth says this is very timely information! oxoxox
back at you.