Friday, December 20, 2002

SF went well. It took us over three hours to get there. We had a great troupe meeting. We just compared notes on our individual reasons for doing this. We're pretty dedicated to taking this thing as far as we can. I'm excited about LA. I had a great couple of phone calls today with someone in Modesto who wants to book us there at a club that seats 250, and with a friend who does shows here in Sac who want to let us split some dates with his productions at a couple of real cool local theatres. It's strange when you get to the state where your art is successfull enough to want more of your time but not yet successfull enough to let you take time away from the day job. SOON...I realy believe we are going somewhere fast.
Auditions on Saturday for an actor for the Best Of Show. I've never auditioned folks before. Should be interesting. Well I just got a DSL internet connection and so I gots lots o' free music to listen to. See ya!

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