Friday, December 13, 2002

So, tommorows the show in SF! It's raining like crazy here and windy too. In Sacramento wind and rain mean trees fall on cars and houses and such. Hopefully we get to SF and back without death or homelessness striking.
I just saw the Pepsi Blue commercial where the guy does his Slam poem about the drink. OH CHRIST, shoot me now. Subculture is subverted so fast. I recconciled myself to the fact that even artists I like are now selling their songs to commercials, I didn't even flinch when Pepsi Blue used "Let Me Clear My Throat" the ultimate rap anthem from Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick and Biz Markee in their commercial, but for this dumb kid to compose an original poem about a damn soft drink...SHIVER! The worse part is he's actualy pretty good.
In other news I saw the film "Wilco-I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" tonight. Great flick. This guy thinks he's making a film about Wilco making a fourth album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and he ends up capturing their label droping them after they refuse to change the album, their parting ways with their guitarist/keyboard guy, their being signed by a new label, owned by the same parent company as the label that dropped them. He also shoots some great behind the scenes fights, song writing and producing in progress and fantastic concert scenes.
I definately reccommend checkin' it out, and maybe have some Pepsi Blue too. I hope Pepsi sends me a dollar for that. Maybe I'll write a comedy routine about how much I love Pepsi Blue, though I'm a bit white for the image they're seeking.

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