Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Our own Miles Miniaci just recieved a rave review from The Sacramento Bee for his role in the play "Art".

The Bee's Marcus Crowder says "Ignited by Miniaci's comic tour de force portrayal of Yvan, the friend caught in the middle, the production locks on to the boisterous humor of "Art" and never lets go."

We've got the best actor's in this city in our troupe. I wish we could get Crowder to come review us. It's strange that they don't treat sketch comedy as theatre. I've been to One Act festivals and it's just sketch comedy with a different name. Oh well. I can't complain. Wether they call us theatre or comedy the papers have been most generous and we're certainly not hurting for support.

The CD is coming along GREAT. Last night's rehearsal was really good. I'm excited about the recording sessions.

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