Thursday, June 24, 2004

We did our live recording session. Thanks to those who came and played the part of the audience. Xeno came and did the soundtracking for She and Dharlin' Big Break. It was great to work with Xeno again. We have one more recording session in the Studio with The St. Simon 3, then some editing and we'll have this thing wrapped. I am anxious to have it done and to start getting it out there. Finally they'll know who we are in Boise.

The website is getting a major overhaul and the changes should start showing up in the next month. Mr. Lobo of and Scott Moon of are doing the redesign which will include some multimedia and TONS of pictures.

I went and saw Slider, the new show from Abandon Productions. Amazing show. I'm so flattered that these incredible performers and their director are into what we're doing. We may even end up working at The Space, where they do their shows. Slider is over now but be sure to watch this space for news of their next show. They are unlike anything else you've seen.

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