Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I just spent six days camping in the Black Rock Desert with Bryna, Allen and Steve from Gallery Horse Cow and a whole bunch of other folks. The Desert is gorgeous. I decided not to bring my lap top as I would not be able to replace it if the desert were to eat it. Too bad as I would have liked to have gotten some work done. I was on megaphone duty for a rousing game of Flaming Bryna Ball. It's like soccer but there's not goals, teams or point, just balls made of toilet paper rolls dipped in gasoline and set on fire, sometimes with mortars inside them. The players then randomly kick the flaming balls around the desert hoping not to be close to one when it explodes. If you should decide to play this ridiculously dangerous game I can bear no responsiblity, after all, it was Bryna who accidentally gave Allen the idea to add the mortars. Hence the name; Flaming Bryna Ball.
I was wearing polyester and suffering with a bad back so I provided megaphone MC duties instead of playing. Plus I encouraged survival instinct lacking folks not to smoke near the big bucket of gasoline!
I met some great folks from Portland, Seattle and LA. The people are events coordinators, members of Arts Colonies and all around neat, creative people. I'm hoping they will be anxious to help us bring our show to their towns and to share in the experience.
For now we continue to plug away at the CD. Nothing new to report. Just waiting to be done recording. I am going to Irina's now to peak at the art.
First, on last piece of news. Patrick, AKA DJ Junior will be returning to Sac after Burning Man. It will be good to have him back.

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